Different Starseed Races

This article will show you the different races of starseed people, and how they look like. The starseeds are those connected to the light forces of the universe.

So it would be a good idea for you to read this if you want to know more about that special race from other dimensions which is helping us at this time.

They will work to transform the society step by step, in a positive way. The first thing they are doing is that they are grounding spiritual knowledge into the population, so that we can learn through them how to awaken our consciousness and go multidimensional.

Different Starseed Races

1) Orion starseed race

The Orions are a tall, dark-skinned people with long black hair, blue or brown eyes. They have been on Earth for about 18 million years but originally came from Orion (Sirius B) and other places in the universe including Alpha Centauri.

The Sirians are an ancient race here to help us raise our consciousness levels through direct personal experience rather than just talking about doing it.

Unlike their counterparts in Rigel, these beings were already into war and killing at a genetic level while they still lived on Sirius B which caused them to be cast out of the home star system.

2) Acturian starseed race

An ancient race from Acturius (Arturo) and the Zeta Reticuli star system.

The two main groups are:

1) a tall, stocky, dark-skinned people with black hair that they wrap around their heads, although other physical appearances are common; and

2) smallish people with pale skin who have been on Earth for about 8 million years but were isolated in various underground strongholds before then.

These beings are here to guide our civilization into a higher state of consciousness as we become more advanced technologically and begin to raise our planetary vibrations so that we will be able to make smooth contact with them without fear.

They can shape-shift into anything they desire including humans in order to accomplish this objective.

3) Lyran starseed race

Lyrans migrated to Earth from the Lyra constellation through Orion. They are fair-skinned people with light brown or red hair and blue, green or hazel eyes.

The Men are about seven feet tall on average and the women usually six feet, but there has been some interbreeding between them and other races that has led to their present appearance.

Some of the Lyran refugees had already lived in DALs for hundreds of thousands of years prior to arriving here so they were more advanced spiritually than those who came after them around 45 thousand years ago.

4) Pleiadian starseed race

The Pleiadians are the most commonly known starseed group due to their more visible nature to us, although they are still quite secretive since Earth is not yet ready for full contact.

They migrated here from the Pleiades (Taurus) about 21 million years ago and originally came from Lyra. The early ones were tall with fair skin, light brown hair, blue eyes.

However, through mixing with other races (most notably in Europe), the present majority have a similar appearance to ourselves including dark hair, brown or green eyes.

5) Sirian starseed race

The Sirian race is from Sirius (A) and migrated to Earth around 350,000 years ago. They are short in height with dark hair and blue or grey eyes.

When they set up their DALs, they were taken over by reptilians who some 12,500 years later created the Anunnaki through selective breeding.

The last traces of the Sirian race on Earth have been almost entirely destroyed except for a very few hybrids left which contain more human than Sirian DNA.

Their mission is to aide in balancing our dualistic energies as they tend to love both sides equally rather than exclusively one side or another.

6) Maldek starseed race

The Maldek race was seeded from Maldek and other planets in that solar system. They are a short people with pale skin and white or black hair, usually dark eyes as well.

The present day they have the same appearance of humans on Earth, but can be distinguished by their more “alien” ways of thinking. They could be considered somewhat mechanical in nature due to the way they think about things and how they interact socially.

7) Andromedan starseed race

The Andromedans were seeded from Andromeda (M31) and migrated to Earth about 20,000 years ago. They are tall people with dark brown skin, black hair and blue, green or hazel eyes.

These beings have several technological devices at their command that they use to help us become more conscious of our true nature.

8) Mintaka starseed race

The Mintakans were seeded from the Orion system by the Lyran refugees. They are a tall people with brown skin and dark hair, usually blue or hazel eyes.

Their genetic structure is very similar to that of the Lyrans as well, so they may have mixed with each other in the past .

9) Lemurian starseed race

The Lemurians are the most ancient of all star people, being here for about 1 million Earth years before we became fully conscious enough to interact with them.

The main difference between them and humans living on Earth today is that their consciousness levels were much higher due to having spent so long in Spirit.

However, they still have a lot to teach us about how to consciously co-create a world based on harmony and love instead of fear.

They are currently busy integrating into normal human society, including taking up positions in politics, government, and business.

At first glance, they may appear identical to present-day people but closer examination will reveal subtle differences such as heightened intuition. Lemurian scan be any race.