Starseed Abilities

Part of the problem is that if a person is not born with some type of psychic ability, then they will most likely believe they can never develop any.

The fact remains true that it takes time and practice to develop one’s own intuitive abilities.

However, the starseed has an advantage over other people because they have had previous lifetimes in which they had the opportunity and training to develop their own psychic abilities.

Starseeds also have extra energy available to them to do certain tasks at a faster rate, such as healing or giving off energy which is specifically intended for healing.

What are some of these psychic abilities that starseeds possess?

Here are Some Common Starseed Abilities

Vision from Higher Conscioness

Receiving information or visions from higher levels of consciousness.

Time Travel in Dreams

Time travel abilities, such as in dreams.

Future Predictions

Having a feeling or knowing something before it happens.


Telepathy with other beings on Earth and other worlds.

Seeing the Past

Divining the future, seeing into the past, being able to heal others without physical touch.


Channeling information through their voice box (this is when the being speaks through the starseed, as if they are reading)

Starseed is able to receive information from higher levels of consciousness and/or other worlds. These trance states can be brought on by themselves or another person.   Some examples include:


This is a technique that focuses on emptying the mind and body  of all thoughts. The starseed is able to reach a deep meditative state where they are able to connect with higher levels of consciousness in order to receive information or heal others.

Astral Projection

This is when the soul leaves the physical body and travels around for a period of time. Many starseeds report that during this time many psychic abilities are activated.

Lucid Dreaming

When a person dreams or is in a dreamlike state, they can take control of what is happening around them and interact with it as if it were real.

This is a common occurrence for starseeds because they can use their lucid dreaming abilities to actually communicate with beings of various higher worlds.

Starseed Psychic Abilities for Healing

Being a Starseed is more involved than the mere ability to connect with higher realms and dimensions or just receive information about the past, present, and future.

It also includes a soul contract to help heal others.   As stated in previous categories, starseeds are here to raise the vibration of humanity and our planet, New Earth.   The psychic ability for healing that is most often used by starseeds is Reiki.

Starseed Symptoms

Many individuals believe that if they have not manifested any unusual abilities or skills in their present lifetime, then they can never develop these in the future.

This is not true! It is possible  for people to develop psychic abilities even if they are not born with them.

There are some symptoms that mirror the starseed life, but this does not mean that all of these symptoms will be expressed in one individual.

The following information is a short list of common starseed symptoms:

Being very connected to the nature and Earth.  Some starseeds might believe that they are elves or other woodland creatures in another lifetime.

There is an inner longing of wanting to be one with nature.

Remembering Past Lives

Remembering past lives from a young age, usually 2-4 years old.  Usually, they will feel sadness about why they were born into this lifetime and the reason for their existence.

These feelings pass as they mature and understand that they are here to help with the evolution of humanity.   They will also develop a stronger belief in spirituality as a way to connect with other higher realms.

Starseeds tend to have an interest in learning more about their past lives, but they often struggle with how to access these past memories and information.

They feel that they can remember everything from the previous life except for things concerning the name of a person or where they lived in this lifetime.

Ineterst in Ancient Cultures

Many starseeds will have an interest in ancient cultures, especially those who were highly advanced technologically.

There will be a strong draw to research the life and culture of those people who had more advanced knowledge.

The ability to travel through time is common for starseeds, because they have experienced this firsthand in one or more lifetimes.

Feeling They Don’t Belong

Starseeds often feel that they do not belong here and many times there are feelings of isolation throughout life.   It is as if they are not from this world and feel like a stranger in their own life.

Variety of Interests

Starseeds will often have many different interests, but not necessarily stick with one for a long period of time.  They might find that there is always something new to discover or learn about in the area of psychic abilities.

Visions of Places

Starseeds often have visions of other places and people.  Some experience these while they are awake, but many individuals will also see these in their dreams.

They might find themselves going to a certain place for no reason other than it was the location they saw in a dream.   This can become frustrating as they are never sure when they are seeing the future or something that is meant to be in their present life.

Connecting with Aliens

Connecting with otherworldly beings is a common experience for many starseeds.  They will have close friendships or relationships with these beings throughout different lifetimes and plan on working together in this lifetime as well to help humanity progress spiritually.

Some of these alien beings can be extremely friendly, yet others are not.

It is common for starseeds to have a fascination with anything that has to do with aliens or extraterrestrials.

They want to know why humans believe they are the only intelligent life in this universe and what are some of the main things they need to learn.   There might be an interest in researching different types of UFOs or ancient texts that are related to extraterrestrial beings.

Hard to Balance Emotions

Many starseeds struggle with balancing their own energy and emotions throughout life.   They might have ongoing problems with the nervous system and endocrine system, which could result in fatigue as well as health challenges.

These energies and abilities are not fully developed until adulthood because these individuals are not aware of their journey until a much later time in life.

Move Object with Their Mind

Many starseeds are psychic and have the ability to move objects with their mind or heal others.  Some will be able to channel spirits from another realm as well.

There is an understanding that all things are connected, including animals, humans, plants and universal energy.

Connection with Other Psychics

Starseeds will find that they have a strong connection to other psychic and energy workers.  Many of these individuals understand what it means to be a starseed, but not all of them are able to identify themselves as such.

Some might work for organizations that were previously unknown or keep suspicious items in their possession because they are extremely curious about their origin.

Dreams of Planets

Starseeds have dreams about other planets, including ones that were previously uninhabited and now show signs of life.   They might not think much of their dream at the time, but it can resurface later when there is a huge discovery made in this area.

There is the desire to learn more about who these starseeds are and why they have been here on Earth for such a long period of time.

Some will become interested in Ancient Alien Theory or look into scriptures from different religions that discuss extraterrestrial beings visiting our planet.

Others will take a spiritual journey to find out more information about their starseed origin.

Feel Connected with the Universe

Many of these individuals feel connected with the universe and want to travel throughout space or have a strong desire for this type of work.

It is not uncommon for them to become interested in science, technology or engineering.

This can present many opportunities for them when they are adults because they now have more information about what they have coming in their future.

There is a feeling that they are here to experience life outside of the ordinary and remove as much negativity as possible from this planet.

The light within them wants to break through at all times, which means they need to be open-minded about what others think or believe.

Some starseeds will choose to explore other realms of consciousness and have many unusual experiences.

There will be time spent in the third-dimensional world, but they might be living on another planet as an extraterrestrial being at times.

This can present itself as a dream or vision when they are asleep or awake.

They Want to Make a Difference

Starseeds want to make a difference in this world because there is a huge calling that they cannot ignore.

They have been waiting for this time in their lives when all of the pieces will connect and fall into place so they can become aware of their true identity.

There are many mentors that come into their life throughout time to offer support, which is one reason why they feel more comfortable in these situations.

Large Group of Friends

Many starseeds have a large family or group of friends that they consider to be their tribe.

They feel a strong connection with them, but this can also present itself as jealousy when some individuals in the group receive more attention than others for their talents and abilities.

There is an understanding that everyone has gifts, strengths and weaknesses, but they still want to be considered an equal part of the group.

Want to Know Their Calling

There can be a feeling that life has been very difficult, which is why this soul wanted to come back to Earth at this time.

They might have forgotten who they were as a starseed because there was so much chaos in their lives while growing up.

Today, they want to understand what this calling is about and how it can benefit their life experience as a human.

They Feel Different

Starseeds will feel different from other people because there is an understanding that the soul group went off on their own journey for many thousands or millions of years.

They have come back to Earth as part of a mission, but they might not understand what this is about when growing up.

There were other starseeds that have already incarnated in the past and are now part of a different generation with their own children.

Some starseeds will feel like they do not belong on Earth and long to be among extraterrestrial beings that are more advanced than humans.

This can create isolation when they are growing up and feel as if there is no way to communicate with others that have similar interests.

The feeling of not being understood by others will continue throughout life, but the realization that this is the path for their soul will become stronger as time goes by.

The more that they explore their abilities, the more you will notice how much they are beginning to improve their self-confidence and awareness.

There is so much potential for them in this lifetime because of what they have learned from others and where their real passion lies.

A feeling that everything is connected here on Earth can be overwhelming at times because starseeds want to bring peace to the planet.

There is also a need for them to understand what their purpose is in being here and how they can make a difference.

The feeling of understanding their life’s path will continue as they learn more about what lies ahead in the days, months and years ahead.

The goal that starseeds have been working on since the beginning of time is to bring peace, harmony and love into the world.

They want everyone on Earth to feel this energy, which will help them come together as a group for a higher purpose.

It might take many lifetimes before these intentions become reality because they believe in living one lifetime at a time.