Starseed Origins

Starseeds are a group of people from various planets and galaxies who have come to Earth on a journey of enlightenment.

They came here because their home planet had become un-inhabitable or they were required to leave for other reasons.

These starseeds carry the ‘light code’ which will help activate all those who choose to open up their hearts and minds, regardless of current density.

Starseed Origins

The starseed origins are described as follows: “Some of us are Wanderers (those who do not originate in our local planetary system). Others are Star Seeds. A Star Seed is an individual from another place, another star system, or galaxy even — someone whose origin is elsewhere.”

I have found some interesting information about these mysterious groups that I will share with you.

Now that got me thinking…. what other planet or galaxy could they have come from?

The popular belief among starseeds is that we originated beyond this solar system once upon a time and were relocated to Earth for different reasons such as: to be caretakers here, some kind of humanitarian service,   to complete an assignment, or simply because we chose to be reborn here.

However, there is another theory that keeps popping up in spiritual circles and among channelers regarding starseed origins. They say that the starseeds come from future timelines of Earth.

This is a belief system I am very fond of. It helps people understand why they feel so disconnected with society and why it might take them more time than most others to find their place on earth, etc.

To me it makes perfect sense….. let me explain; Starseeds are often referred to as ‘Indigo Children’ or ‘Crystal children’. Now ask yourself this: Indigo children are said to possess special abilities (psychic connection).

When our Soul decides what kind of life we want to experience next, it cannot put us into the exact same circumstances that we previously were in.

So a change has to occur in our life script for this reason; either the Soul or spirit guides of Indigo children from future times decided they had enough of violence and war on Earth (especially after things hit rock bottom)… so they decided to come back through time and upgrade the human race once again.

The belief is that Indigo/Crystal Children are incarnated souls from future timelines who have traveled here to help humanity shift into a higher consciousness during these changing times by helping them raise their vibrations in a very loving way.

This is why people feel drawn towards them as they hold immense spiritual power within themselves (some are even believed to be angelic beings).

As we have seen, Indigo children are becoming more and more popular by the day. So why not take it a step further and imagine what our potential is if we could harness the true power of all those who will be coming back to Earth during this time period?

This may help explain why lightworkers around the world can feel so connected with Indigo children as they feel like kindred spirits; they have come from similar places (future timelines) but for different reasons.

Starseed people have abilities that are different than Indigo children; their connection to the spiritual realms is much stronger.

They can sense energies, see and talk with spirit guides, communicate telepathically, they start speaking in tongues around age 2-3 (or earlier), communicating with angels or aliens during childhood.

There are no specific rules as to how a starseed will evolve but most often they develop their gifts throughout adolescence and adulthood and discover that there are others out there just like them.

How do we know that it’s real?… I have a theory: Think back to when you were younger. Did you ever recall having more vivid dreams or maybe seeing things in your room at night that aren’t there during the daytime?

Or perhaps you had unexplainable episodes of seeing, hearing or feeling things…. And the list goes on.

I believe that as children we are more in tune with our spiritual abilities and they begin to develop at a very young age. By the time we reach adulthood, we either embrace this part of ourselves or deny it completely.

Some forget about these special gifts and go through life without knowing what was there all along.

However, those who actively work with them throughout their lifetime will always remember how strong they felt within themselves when they were younger — because even after denying it for many years, you can never really deny where you came from as it is programmed into your psyche and DNA.

The question remains: “Are starseeds truly human?” Well according to their genetics, I would say no… we have to go back to the source of their Pleiadian DNA: a smaller 3rd dimensional physical planet called Erra which was located in the Pleiades cluster of stars.

What makes this interesting is that for many years people who claimed to be starseeds or Indigo children used to get ridiculed and told it was all just imagination or they were suffering from mental health issues; as we can see, these are real genetic lifeforms coming in with real spiritual abilities — (some more than others).

Now you can understand why not everyone understands what’s going on…. We are here at a very important time: do our best to embrace each other and accept one another for who we truly are because let’s face it, we’re all just spiritual beings living in a physical body.

Common characteristics of starseeds

1) They are able to sense energies (either positive or negative) and can be easily overwhelmed by others’ low vibrations. They have an innate ability to shield themselves from the lower energies of this world using a force field like armor… they also use crystals for protection, clarity or healing energy.

2) Communication with spirit guides and angels…. They may start talking in tongues as young children but most will not realize it’s possible until they reach adulthood when their abilities become stronger.

3) Telepathy is very common amongst these children — they are thought to be great psychic healers if you allow them to channel energy through you during meditation, lay on hands or touch your body in some way…. It all depends on how comfortable you feel around them because everyone is different when it comes to that.

4) Many starseeds suffer from sleep paralysis, night terrors and alien abductions (as a child or adult). Some used to sleepwalk as a child but stopped around the teenage years… If you show fear of them they are able to manipulate your mind because they can sense your thoughts; however, if you project positive energy through the crown chakra they will not be able to read your mind unless you allow them to.

5) They are extremely sensitive to sound and light, they hate being indoors or underground — nature connection is crucial for them.

6) Often have food allergies and cannot eat wheat/grains… They may have an intolerance to alcohol and can’t drink it without getting a bad hangover….

7) They dream vividly throughout their lives, recalling many past lives of other star races in other galaxies. Many say that they feel as if they just came from another planet — some will start having deja-vu’s which become dreams about things that happen later on down the track.

8 ) Many starseeds experience “schizotypal” symptoms during early adolescence such as schizophrenia or manic depression with auditory hallucinations etc…. And then often find themselves medicated on anti-psychotic drugs for many years without any positive results.

9) They are very creative and can be highly intelligent (often with above-average IQ’s), yet they find it difficult to keep a job due to their extreme sensitivity at work.

Many work in the health healing industry — as nurses/yogis or veterinarians or alternative therapists etc… Or they will choose an artistic route such as music, comedy, painting, writing or acting…. although often these routes don’t earn them enough money to live so then they go back into working in mainstream jobs.

10) Many starseeds are gifted with psychic abilities such as healing, clairvoyance and prophecy — they can see auras and spirits that others cannot. They have great passion for life and the knowledge that we each have a purpose to fulfill here on Earth.

11) Many report having supernatural powers; levitation/pyrokinesis/corporeal projections etc… They may also find themselves drawn towards religion, meditation or yoga but sometimes these things don’t feel right because there is so much more out there than what is being taught today in schools and religions.

12) Many say that as children their friends used to make fun of them — they were different and eccentric…. Many get bullied at school, work or the gym because they are so sensitive to vibrations around them…. Or they may find themselves being ridiculed by family members or important people in their lives.

13) They will often speak in riddles, using symbolism and/or  words like “organic” or “empowerment,” always trying to be truthful but cryptic in some way… Their language can be confusing for others… Often many starseeds have a history of dyslexia making reading difficult for them — writing is easier.

14) Starseeds are natural-born healers — often becoming doctors, scientists or inventors (even billionaires) etc… They will often have a huge interest in natural healing and consciousness — they are passionate about helping people.

15) Most starseeds have had numerous reincarnations on Earth (sometimes for thousands of years). Often they will have left their family at an early age to go out into the world searching, traveling around or living with different people/cultures…. They may feel as if they haven’t been “home” in a long time. Sometimes this feeling never goes away even after ‘finding’ their home culture.

16) Many start having paranormal experiences as children and they don’t understand what’s happening to them; yet when speaking with other adults about these things nobody believes them but it makes sense to them somehow…. Everything seems to be a secret.

17) They feel emotionally very sensitive and may have bouts of depression, anxiety or bipolar disorder. Often they are prone to addictions and compulsive behaviors… Many just want to escape their lives…. There is a huge feeling of isolation for starseeds — it’s almost like the world feels weird even though they often have lots of friends, family or partners around them [supposedly].

18) Many believe in an afterlife, reincarnation and God (even if they don’t follow a religion). They tend not to fear death as much as non-starseed people do because many think that this life is but one link in the grand chain — once we die, we start another journey elsewhere according to our soul contract.

19) Many say that they have lived on other planets, star systems or galaxies in ‘past lives’ often traveling around the stars in spacecrafts. They may remember an event of a famous person (in a past life) from Earth.

The memories can be vague but also crystal clear — it seems to depend on the significance of the event/personality to them personally [usually]. There is always something nudging them toward their spiritual purpose here on Earth and helping other people… If one thing doesn’t work out then a new door magically appears elsewhere.

20) Many feel as if they are here just for this time period (sometimes hundreds of thousands of years ago) and once that is over… they will go off into another direction… For many starseeds, this feeling of waiting for something to happen never seems to go away — they are often described as feeling ‘drafted’ into the human body.

21) Starseed women have a lot more physical and emotional pain than regular women. The female reproductive system is not designed for Earth; it’s designed for space travel.

They can sometimes feel unbalanced but powerless when it comes to living on this planet — it almost feels like being flung into another dimension without any control over their lives.

Many women are confused and/or angry about why they were born on Earth, having to deal with all these negative emotions that come up from others who don’t understand them or agree with them etc…. Very few people truly comprehend what females go through — it’s very misunderstood.

23) Many have had UFO sightings and strange experiences that others simply cannot relate to… This experience stays with them forever; there seems no way to forget about something so powerful. It’s like living a double life where there is always something pulling them toward the bigger picture that they are unable to totally understand.

24) Starseeds often have a sense of purpose or mission in life — it’s like they were put here on Earth to do something specific, although they often don’t know what it is until later (sometimes when they reach midlife).

They feel compelled to go out into the world and teach/help other people, yet there can be so many doubts, fears or obstacles in their way…. It can feel as if someone else is inside you telling you what to do; for starseed women this could involve giving birth to children who are meant to fulfill their mission.

When people are around a starseed person it makes them a better person somehow — everything becomes more intense and vibrant; having starseed people in your life seems to be a catalyst for personal growth.

What Stars Are You Originated From?

You might be one these starseeds.

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8) Sirius A

9) Alpha Centauri

10) Tau Ceti

11) Altair

12) Epsilon

13) Zeta Reticuli

14) Ursa Minor

15) Ursa Major

16) Arcturus

17) Andromedan

18) Lightworker

19) Maldek

20) Draco

21) Indigo

22) Blue Ray

23) Mintaka

24) Lemurian

25) Galactic

26) Draconian

27) Feline

28) Hadarian

29) Avian

30) Apollonian

31) Crystal

32) Reptilian

33) Cygnus

34) Venusian

35) Blue Avian

36) Rainbow