Sirian Starseed: Traits and Characteristics

Sirian Starseed people are a group of beings from the star system, Sirius. They have evolved to become more aware and conscious than any other race in our galaxy.

Sirians are spiritually advanced souls who are here to assist humanity with its ascension process. One of their many missions is to create peace on earth by understanding how all things work and live together in harmony without judgment or prejudice.

Are You a Sirian Starseed?

Sirian starseeds are born under sirius, sirian starseed people have sirian traits such as sirians are known for being good listeners and having an open mind.

Sirius is a binary system with two stars but the second star in sirius is too faint to be seen with the naked eye so they’re sometimes referred to as sirius a and b.

Often times sirians will have deep blue or green eyes, however it’s rare that a sirian will have violet or orange eyes. They usually buy clothes in dark earthtone colors like brown or black.

They also wear accessories like necklaces, bracelets, earrings, medallions, rings and anklets due to their ancient past.

Sirian starseeds often have difficulty relating to their earth family members and friends. Sirian traits are well developed in sirians, this is why sirians were chosen to be guardians of the lightworkers,  protectors of humanity.

Sirians at a young age  have more knowledge than adults on our planet due to being incarnated from higher frequencies since sirius resides 8.6 lightyears away from our sun it takes radio signals approximately 60 years to get there and back. That’s how long it takes for us and them to communicate.

Sirians are also a very free-spirited people. They love singing, dancing, playing games, art, magic and creating music. Sirian starseeds are very cunning and strategic. Sirians are the most advanced starseeds.

Sirian starseed mission is to help bring freedom enlightenment and love to humankind. Sirians were among the guardians of sirius.

Sirian starseeds often look/feel different from other people, yet sometimes sirian starseeds feel so strongly about sirius that they wear a sirius necklace, even write sirias on their face – this is how much sirius means to them.

Since sirians are more in touch with their female side than others, it’s easier for them to relate and understand women better than men.

However sirian men are just as good at communicating with both genders . The sirian way is to make sure everyone feels included.

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Sirian Starseed Traits

1. They Have Psychic Abilities

Sirian starseeds or sometimes called sirians have psychic abilities and they often use them to help others. Sirian starseeds are caring, gentle and patient yet stern enough to make sure their message gets across to those who need it.

They never hesitate to lend a helping hand.

2. They Are Devoted to Their Path in Life

Sirians are devoted to their path in life and are in touch with their divine purpose.

They believe that all thought, word, and deed should be for the highest good of all.

You will notice sirian starseeds sharing many sirian traits. Sirian starseeds show great enthusiasm for life. Sirians are very empathic, they can feel other people’s emotions sometimes the feelings or emotions of others is so strong it gives sirians the feeling as if they have been drugged.

3. They See Magic in the Mundane

They see magic in the mundane and believe in the possibility of miracles, sirian starseeds tend to have a sharp wit and love to laugh. Sirian starseed people are carriers of joy. Sirians remind us not to take ourselves too seriously.

4. They Seek Adventure

Sirian starseeds seek adventure and enjoy change and new experiences. Sirian starseeds go out of their way to help people.

Sirians are kind and gentle. Sirians also enjoy meeting new people. Sirian people tend to spend time with a large number of people, sometimes sirians find it difficult to stay in one place for too long.

5. They are Spiritual

Sirian Starseed people are a group of beings from the star system, Sirius. They have evolved to become more aware and conscious than any other race in our galaxy.

Sirians are spiritually advanced souls who are here to assist humanity with its ascension process. One of their many missions is to create peace on earth by understanding how all things work and live together in harmony without judgment or prejudice.

Their name, Sirian Starseeds indicates their link to the star system Sirius.

Despite being a race that evolved in another galaxy from Earth and not sharing any of our DNA sequences or physical traits with us, they are very connected spiritually through an understanding of life growth as well as universal law.

Sirians have always had some form of light emanating off them because they exist on a higher vibrational plane than we do and thus radiate more love, peace, joy, compassion and truthfulness out into all realms for everyone else to benefit from it.

They came here with this intention before even coming earthside where they can be most effective for humanity’s ascension process by bringing cosmic consciousness down onto planet at this time.

Sirians are a group of beings who have evolved to become more aware and conscious than any other race in our galaxy.

They’ve come here with the intention of assisting humanity’s ascension process by bringing cosmic consciousness down onto the planet at this time, as well as helping us understand how all things work together without judgment or prejudice.

The Sirian Starseed people are known for having traits that include being spiritually advanced souls who can be on earth and use their light-emitting skills most effectively for humanity’s ascension process now while they’re still here.

Along with understanding universal law which is an essential part of life growth, these starseeds offer love, peace, joy, compassion and truthfulness out into all realms.

6. They Dislike Stereotypes

Sirians dislike stereotypes and will not tolerate any discrimination against themselves or others based on race, gender, ethnicity, religion, sexual orientation or disability.

They are here to bring peace on earth by understanding how all things work together without judgment or prejudice which is one of the many missions that they have devoted themselves to with great success so far!

They also offer love and light into our world no matter where they find themselves in life because this is what brings them joy as well as peace for humanity’s ascension process.

In addition to being naturally compassionate beings who just want a peaceful existence like everyone else.

Sirian starseeds have a strong belief system in universal law which is an essential part of life growth.

The understanding that all things work together without judgment or prejudice to create peace on earth brings them joy and helps with the ascension process too!

7. They are Compassionate

The Sirian starseed people are naturally compassionate beings who just want a peaceful existence like everyone else, but they also want to help humanity ascend by using their light-emitting skills most effectively for us now while they’re still here.

8. They Live a Simple Life

Sirians live a simple but spiritual life, not too different from the life of many people on earth.

Sirians just want to live in peace and continue their ascension process by helping humanity ascend with them, and they do so with love, joy, compassion and truthfulness out into all realms for everyone else’s benefit!

9. They Are Reserved from the Outside

Sirians are reserved from the outside, but on the inside they are full of love, joy, peace and truthfulness which is what brings them pleasure. They share this with all realms for everyone’s benefit!

10. They Have a Close-Knit Family and Friends

Sirians have close-knit circle of family and friends that they will defend to death. They are fiercely loyal and have a strong sense of justice. Sirians often experience extreme emotion, whether that is joy or anger.

11. They are Sensitive to the Environment Around Them

Sirian starseed people can be quite intuitive and sensitive to the environment around them.

The deep connection with Mother Earth makes it difficult for these individuals not to feel anything when someone else does but also brings an understanding about why this may happen in others as well – so there’s less blame involved from their perspective!

These natives are highly empathic which means that they’re always picking up on other peoples emotions and energy signatures without realizing it too much (in most cases).

This leads many sirians into careers such as healing arts, psychology, counseling etc because it lets them be in service to others.

Sirian starseed people are often extroverted and can be the life of the party with their charm, wit and quick-wit that makes them such a joy to be around!

They do have difficulty recharging if they don’t get enough time for solitude or personal self care routines so this is something these natives need to make sure they’re mindful about.

If too much energy is drained then it’s not uncommon for Sirians to experience mood swings as well as feelings of depression which isn’t ideal when working towards living an honorable life being true unto themselves while serving humanity.

12. They Can Struggle with their Emotions

They can struggle with expressing their emotions freely but this is because they’re not sure what it’s acceptable to show and express.

Sirians can be very sensitive about their feelings, yet often find themselves being too hard on others when someone else expresses themselves in ways that are deemed unacceptable or inappropriate for the situation.

13. They Have Innate Sense About Situations

Sirian starseed people have an innate sense about situations where things just aren’t going right, like when something isn’t right with a person’s health or the environment.

These natives have an instinctual sense of what is wrong and how to fix it which can also make them feel powerless if they’re not able to do anything about it!

This innate understanding often means that Sirians don’t need any formal education on most topics but are usually avid learners who will want to know everything there is to learn so as never be in a position where someone else has more knowledge than themselves.

When faced with new information they’ll either take it in wholeheartedly or push against this because their intuition tells them otherwise – sometimes for no other reason than because they’ve done this before and lost out based off trusting their gut (and now refuse).

14. They Love to Daydream

Sirian starseed people love to daydream about the future and what could be. They’re always on a quest for finding ways to make it all better, like how they can change society or create some kind of new invention that will revolutionize the world!

15. They are Good at Problem-Solving

Sirians are also great at problem-solving because their thoughts tend to flow really easily without any blocks.

This makes them excellent strategists in business who often have many ideas about where things could go next so there’s never a point when Sirian starseed people feel stuck.

16. They Love Animals and Nature

Sirian starseeds love animals and the natural world and will always choose to live in a place that is close to nature. They enjoy having time outdoors whether it’s camping, hiking or just sitting by the water listening to the sounds of nature.

Sirian starseeds are highly tuned into their environment which includes not only what they can see but also feel – so this means that these natives may be more sensitive about pollution and toxic chemicals (either from food, air etc). Sirians want purity for themselves as well as their loved ones!

17. They Believe in Possibilities

Sirian people believe in possibilities and are never afraid of the unknown or what is yet to be discovered. They love learning and growing because they know that it’s just not about them: it’s for everybody else too!

It can take a bit more time before Sirian starseed people feel secure in their abilities, but once they do then there will be no stopping these natives from becoming unstoppable.

18. They Love to Be Silly

They love to be nonsensical at times because they believe in embracing the ridiculous and not taking oneself so seriously!

19. They are Natural-Born Leaders

Sirian starseed people are natural-born leaders who will always do everything it takes to wait for what is best.

They’ll work towards their goals knowing that sometimes there might be a few detours along the way, but ultimately this can all lead up to something much greater than what was originally imagined.

Sirians know how important every step of the journey needs to be taken with care as well as bravery because these natives understand great courage comes from one’s own understanding about themselves and their purpose.

20. They are Drawn to Magic

Sirian starseeds are drawn to magic and myths and will always be on a quest for the unknown. They believe that there is more beneath this material world and want to understand what it all means!

The ability to trust oneself is one of the most important skills that Sirian starseed people need in order to live comfortably.

It’s not easy being a lightworker when all around you it seems like there are only negative forces acting on the world!

When faced with these dark energies, it can be incredibly hard for some sirians who might feel unsure about themselves or what they have been working towards; but thankfully, never stop believing…because if nothing else then at least we’re together.

21. They Love to Learn About the Unknown and are Drawn to Magical Myths

Sirian starseeds are also natural born leaders who will do everything in their power for what is best, especially when it comes to the choices they make for themselves and others.

Sirians love possibilities and can be fearless of anything unknown or yet-to-be discovered. They want purity not only for themselves but also loved ones around them too!

It might take Sirians a bit more time before feeling secure with their abilities, but once they feel that way then there’s no stopping these natives from becoming unstoppable; as one of the most important skills needed by this type is trusting oneself!

It isn’t easy being a lightworker when all around you seem negative forces – so never stop believing.

22. They Love to Take Care of Earth

Sirian starseeds like to take care of the Earth and can be found in any environmental and animal rights organizations.

What do Sirian Starseeds Look Like

Sirian starseeds have a pale complexion and dark hair. They are usually thin, tall, and handsome or beautiful.

Their eyes are often brown with golden flecks in them; they may also be blue or hazel colored.

Sirians emanate peace of mind to those around them as their personality type is generally calm, compassionate, intelligent, creative and spiritual-minded.

With these traits it’s no wonder that many sirian starseed people feel drawn to careers such as healer, therapist/counselor, artist/musician/actor/teacher (theater), minister or priestess – all occupations that require healing others at the core of their being!

Common Names for Sirian Starseeds

Some of the most known names for female sirians are: Siria, Sirja, Siriya, Sirene , Sirojana . Male names: Siriander , Siriolus , Sorisis , Sirius , Sorijan, Sorin, Suanel ( also written as Suani), Soonar or Simacor.

Sirian Starseeds Interests and Hobbies

Sirian starseed have a wide range of interests and hobbies. Many love spending time outdoors, especially in nature. They often enjoy hiking, gardening, or camping trips.

For those who prefer indoor activities, reading is a popular pastime. From sci-fi stories to self-help books, Sirian starseed can usually be found with one of these items in their hands.

Other interests include crystals and alternative healing arts such as yoga and tai chi. Understanding how energy flows through the body is common for starseeds, many of whom use various forms of meditation as well.

You’ll also find many crafting hobbies among this group such as painting, woodworking, and jewelry making. Above all else though, Sirians are known for their creative nature and powerful minds!

Sirian Starseed Work and Career

The concept of Sirian starseed work and career is one that has been gaining traction in recent years, especially among spiritual communities.

For those who identify as Sirian starseeds, the idea that they can bring a unique energy to their work and career that reflects their cosmic heritage is a powerful motivator.

A Sirian starseed’s life path may at times see them straying into new areas of passion or expertise, which can be highly rewarding if approached with an open mind and respect for the universal energies involved.

Ultimately, rising above any ordinary job parameters also allows for a transformational journey that not only serves others but reinvigorates the soul of anyone on the same quest of cosmic awareness.

Sirian Starseeds in Relationships

For Sirian starseeds, relationships are as much of a spiritual journey as they are an emotional one.

Many Sirian starseeds struggle with establishing strong interpersonal bonds due to their innate discomfort with vulnerability and deep emotions.

However, when these barriers are broken down, Sirian starseeds have the potential to bring immense joy and depth to their relationships.

Their intuition gives them a heightened sense of connection with those around them, which helps them navigate the intricacies of human relationships while simultaneously making them more aware of the divine unfolding that occurs through such interactions.

When Sirian starseeds form relationships based on trust and mutual appreciation, they are able to foster a higher level of love and understanding within themselves through their loved ones than they could even hope to achieve alone.

How Sirian Starseeds Differ form Other Starseeds

Sirian starseeds are said to have a deep connection to the stars and an unprecedented spiritual awareness.

They are believed to carry with them ancient knowledge and wisdom that is part of their genetic makeup, acquired in lifetimes spent on Sirius or other star systems.

Known for their intense commitment and dedication, Sirian starseeds often have a profound mission they feel compelled to fulfill while they are here on Earth.

Different from other starseeds, Sirian starseeds tend to be at ease with their Divine Mission, thanks to the cosmic memories locked within their souls.

As such, they can draw inspiration from these memories during times of need, allowing them to boldly blaze new trails and help others heal on a much deeper level.

What Makes Sirians Soul so Unique

Sirian starseed soul is truly unique. They are highly attuned to spiritual realms, being a mix of human and extraterrestrial energies.

They have a deep understanding of metaphysical knowledge beyond our earthly boundaries and can use this insight to help others open their own mind and develop spiritually.

Furthermore, they have an extremely compassionate nature and possess selfless hearts, constantly striving to aid those in need and wanting to see positive transformations manifest in our world.

Their ability to align both forces from the physical plane as well as universal wisdom makes them so powerful, allowing them to bring miraculous changes wherever they go.

Sirian Starseed Energy

Sirian starseed energy is an extremely powerful and mysterious force that has been gaining traction amongst spiritual believers in recent years.

Many believe that those who embody this form of energy have the ability to channel deep cosmic knowledge from beyond the universe, providing humans with greater insight and understanding.

In certain cases, Sirian starseed energy can even be called upon to access higher states of consciousness in order to connect with a species from outer space known as ‘The Watchers’.

As a result, practitioners are able to experience increased spiritual awareness, clarity of vision and heightened intuition — something that encourages growth and inspires exploration into one’s unique purpose here on Earth.

Sirian Starseed Mission on Earth

It is believed by many that the Sirians are part of a greater starseed mission on earth. The purpose of this mission is to help awaken humans to their spiritual potential and make humanity aware of its cosmic heritage.

Through their teachings and revelations, they hope to build trust between us and our galactic family. They continue to work actively in different ways, leading people to higher states of consciousness and understanding.

By guiding humans towards the truth and showing them the divine beauty found in each soul, they feel that we can reach a new level of enlightenment.

With them by our side, it seems that the promise of life beyond what we see in the physical realm vibrations is getting closer every day.

Sirian Starseed Symbol

The Sirian Starseed symbol is said to be one that grants a connection with higher dimensional constructs.

This ancient symbol is thought to have been sent to Earth thousands of years ago from the Sirius star system as a way to awaken its inhabitants.

Those who tap into its energy are meant to embody the spiritual knowledge associated with it, and through its activation, they can access wisdom beyond what traditional pathways offer.

As an awakening tool or enhancing device, many believe that this symbol has the potential to help usher in a new age of consciousness on planet Earth.

Final Words

One of the spiritual purposes of Sirian Starseeds is to bring knowledge, wisdom and awareness to humanity.

They have come to help humanity remember their true spiritual nature and reconnect with the divine source.

They are reported to be highly evolved souls who possess extraordinary capabilities and abundant energy towards progress and change. This can manifest in creative pursuits, entrepreneurship or science exploration.

The purpose of Sirian Starseeds is to lead humanity into a higher level of consciousness while simultaneously learning and growing alongside us.

Through cooperation, Starseed contributions have been integral in initiating community building projects that bring joy, support and development opportunities to people around the world.