How Starseed Eyes Look Like

Depending on the starseed’s consciousness frequency and level of awareness , usually it will reflect the color of their original star system.

However, if a human being reincarnates into a new star system, then his/her eyes may not necessarily show that same color.  It can be brown or dark blue but most likely will be green or hazel.

Although there are many physical characteristics of different starseeds that do reflect their origins (for example, pointed ears for Pleiadians) these traits could also appear in other ethnicities. So physical characteristics alone cannot be used as markers to reveal one’s true identity.

What color eyes do different starseeds have?

This is a difficult question because there are so many star systems with different racial characteristics. The generalization would be   that their eyes are bright and have many colors including yellow/gold, green, blue, brown or hazel.

These are just some of the eye colors you may see when you meet a fellow Starseed. If they grew up on earth without any ET contact , then it will most likely be an earthly color like dark brown or black.

But light colored eyes might also mean they have been here in this physical realm before from another lifetime (reincarnation).

Starseed Eyes

Orion Starseed eyes

Orion starseeds will have bright yellow or golden eyes with a sparkle of mischief in them.  But they may also have brown or blue eyes, just like the Pleiadians.

Pleiadian color of the eyes

Pleiadian Starseed eyes would most likely be green, but sometimes it could appear as blue or hazel too. Other times they might appear brown and darker.

I’ve seen many different colors on their faces including red , orange, pink , peach /peach-colored skin. (I know that sounds weird!).

The reason behind this is simple:  these wonderful beings unconditional love to explore all colors in life, and express themselves in so many ways because they do not judge!

Pleiadian Starseeds love to play with physical colors and experiment with all sorts of makeup, body decorations , hair styles , etc. They are colorful beings!

Sirian starseed eyes

Sirians have deep blue or black eyes which is surprising because they live in a very hot climate! However, their faces are typically tan or darker.

The reason for this is that the Sirians who incarnate into human bodies on earth don’t necessarily choose to be born into a ‘white’ race like European ancestry.

So they might come here as black people from Africa – but it doesn’t mean that they are not starseed! It just means that they chose to experience life in another race besides white for whatever reasons.

Acturian starseed eyes

Acturian starseed eyes have a mixture of turquoise and green. Or they can be light brown with hints of green or hazel (female). They are very soft and gentle,  yet strong when needed. Acturians are peaceful beings but also have warrior capacity.

Andromedan starseed eyes

Andromedan starseeds will most likely have light brown, hazel or dark blue eyes.

I’m not sure what their physical characteristics are but I have heard they were tall and slender with silver hair (like Zeta Reticuli).

However, these can be traits of other groups too (Zetas), so it would be wise to find out where they came from before you judge them as Andromedans.

Lyran starseed eyes

Lyran starseeds will most likely have brown eyes or hazel. They are very grounded and loving beings. They have a great sense of humor, just like the Pleiadians. Lyrans have a little bit of warrior within them (not as much like the Sirians).

Maldek starseed eyes

Maldek starseeds have hazel eyes. They are very loving and caring types of beings. But they will not allow any injustice to happen to the planet or future generations!

If you run into one, be ready for love and light ). Maldek was a planet that existed in our solar system long ago before it exploded due to either nuclear war or an asteroid hit.

Mintaka starseed eyes

Mintakans are very tall and slender. They have long fingers and toenails (just like the Zetas). Their eyes are almost always either light blue or dark blue, but can be a mixture of both colors too.

Lemurian starseed eyes

Lemurian starseed eyes have different variations from hazel to blue and even green. Whatever color they are, you will see a good soul looking at you through them.

This is the most loving of all-star seeds with unconditional love for humanity. Most importantly, their overall vibration is what defines them as Starseed!

I’m sure there are many others out there that possess light-colored eyes, just like all the people mentioned above.

These are only a few samples of what you might encounter if you meet someone new and want to know who they are and where they came from before judging or condemning them based on your life experiences (fixed beliefs).

It’s always best to be open-minded. These are the most common Starseeds and their eyes colors can vary from person to person.

Indigo starseed eyes

Indigos come from many different planets and star galaxies. They have a very beautiful vibration that lifts you up wherever they go.

They tend to be quiet warriors, but when it comes to the need for social change, they will use their gifts of healing, speaking through music or writing in order to make a difference. Their eyes can be Indigo blue, violet or purple (rare color).

Blue Ray starseed eyes

Blue Ray Starseeds are here as part of the Ascension process. They will have blue eyes but their overall vibration is what defines them as a Starseed! I’m sure there are many others out there that possess light-colored eyes.

Hadarian starseed eyes

Hadarians are humanoids that come from the Alpha Centauri system. They have algae green eyes and are known to be very loving beings.

Vega starseed eyes

Vega is the brightest star of Lyra constellation. Vega starseeds are known to be healers and artists, especially in music. They tend to be quiet but they have a great sense of humor and love to laugh and joke around. Their eyes can be dark brown or hazel (this one is more common).

Draconian starseed eyes

Draconian starseeds (shown on right) have dark brown eyes. They are very advanced beings and many of them choose to come here and experience this life in human form for the first time before going off again into space.