What is a Starseed?

What is a Starseed? A Starseed is an extraterrestrial being who has traveled from space to Earth.

They are humans with the soul of another species, usually possessing characteristics that are more advanced than those on Earth.

Starseeds have a mission to help evolve the human race by teaching us new ways to live and love; they teach us through their thoughts, feelings, and behaviors.

The Starseed Awakening Process

The Starseed awakening process consists of three stages:

-First, the Starseed finds out that he or she is not where they are supposed to be.

-Second, a feeling of loneliness sets in as one searches for their place and purpose on Earth.

This stage can last from a few months to many years depending on how long it takes them to find their purpose.

-Third process is the transformation of one’s being.

Starseeds are naturally drawn to spiritual communities and holy sites. They have a sense of what is needed on Earth, and want to be part of the change that is happening now.

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How to Know if you are a Starseed

A starseed is that part of consciousness which feels like it belongs to the Pleiades, or another star group.

These beings have incarnated on earth as a mission to assist humanity in the awakening process and transition from third dimensional reality into a fourth/fifth dimensional reality.

In order to be able to incarnate on Earth , they had to disconnect from their natural connection with who they essentially are(their higher self)and learn how to reconnect again after this incarnation experience.

This is done by going through certain experiences such as being involved in cults, sects, secret societies and other programmed spiritual groups where you surrender your free will for “enlightenment”. Some people call this ‘self-abandonment’.

The more severe trauma involved, the quicker these experiences can strip you from your spiritual roots.

When a starseed ends an incarnation cycle on Earth , they must return to their natural state of knowing who they are and remembering it, before they can then incarnate again.

The main obstacle for starseeds is that being in this human body has been like living behind a veil or in foggy conditions.

This prevents them from feeling a natural connection with themselves and the surrounding life as directly as when they were in their own reality-template.

They don’t know how to connect back up with it because most of it happened unconsciously while we were ‘asleep’ during our Earthly lives and so we have forgotten about what we truly are.

Simple things such as being able to feel the presence of our own energy field is something that can be very challenging for starseeds.

The more we learn about it, the easier it will become to directly experience ourselves again and regain our lost self-connection.

It’s like when you first learned how to walk as a child—it was awkward at first but then became natural over time.

Starseed children are always drawn toward space in some way or another because they realize they don’t belong here.

They feel an inner calling towards exploring their true origins out there somewhere else and this becomes part of their identity from early on; not living up to social standards and feeling like an outsider who doesn’t fit into society here on earth.

This is always based on knowing your true identity, but the individual may not understand it or recognize it consciously until they are old enough to start making sense of who they are.

The starseeds were drawn here in order to learn how to reconnect with themselves and help humanity on their way back home or up higher into the light.

They incarnate as volunteers to accomplish a mission for which our consciousness volunteered before we incarnated here on Earth.

We came here with a specific purpose or mission that is unique just like our DNA-template.

A person’s calling can be something small because you come from a much larger universe than this planet so what you think might seem insignificant out there is actually very meaningful and powerful when compared to other cosmic realities that exist beyond this place we call home.

Signs You Might Be a Starseed

Being a starseed is the most natural way to be. Your consciousness was originally connected up with your own energy field and you naturally understand who you are more than anyone else does on this planet because it’s your natural condition to be that way.

The awakening process reconnects us again with our true essence and involves restoring your connection with yourself by remembering who you really are.

This process also includes healing the damage that has been done during our lives here on Earth where we forgot who we were and disconnected from ourselves through experiencing certain types of trauma (abandonment).

Here are 64 signs that you might be a starseed:

1.     You feel like an alien or have felt this as far back as you can remember.

2.       You instinctively know certain things without having to be told them or read about it.

3.     You have synchronicities in your life that just seem way too coincidental.

4.     You can feel other people’s energy at times & feel when they are lying.

5.     When you were a child, you always felt as if something was missing in your life and there was something more important you needed to do out there somewhere but couldn’t quite figure out what it might be yet.

6.     All of the things you need are provided for you miraculously — such as money by itself showing up.

When you are focused on doing something great with your life this will come about much easier before you are able to figure out exactly how you will get the things you need.

7.     You have always felt a strong desire to visit other countries or continents and explore new places.

8.     You remember “waking up” in some sort of spaceship when you were younger that seemed to be made of light (it’s not really a dream, but an actual memory, which is why most people don’t remember it) – this experience didn’t scare you, but instead gave you a sense of wonder about what was happening — feeling safe within the situation even though you couldn’t understand where it was taking place.

Note: These types of memories can become clearer when we undergo certain higher-vibration activation processes such as kundalini.

This is one reason why many starseeds and even non-awakened lightworkers undergoing this process begin to feel that they are more connected to their families from the stars — this is an actual reality, but it wasn’t until we received the activation that helped us remember our origins)

9.     You have always felt as if you don’t belong here on Earth (or at least not in your current body).

10.       You hear disembodied voices calling out your name when you were younger that seemed to come from nowhere (we can start hearing these beings again after we undergo activation processes such as kundalini or psychedelic experience).

11.       You have had unexplainable events happening to you throughout your life that others didn’t understand such as physical healings, UFO sightings and seeing other beings (actually helps you remember who you are).

12.     You feel like there is a huge expanse of knowledge within yourself that is too big for one lifetime or body to contain.

13.     You are spiritual and do not believe in any organized religious systems at all.

14.     Your dreams always seem so real when they happen and the messages within them can be very powerful — awakening us instead of keeping us asleep.

15.      There are many spirits/entities around you since childhood that seemed to come out of nowhere.

16.     You would feel much better when you were outside in nature and away from people (which is why many starseeds live out in the country or a remote place).

17.       You find it easy to meditate but have difficulty focusing on anything else for very long.

18.     You are empathic, meaning that you have no problem whatsoever feeling other people’s feelings — even if they aren’t close to you.

19.     When you were young, you could not stand being away from your family too long (most starseed adults still feel this way) – or maybe there was some sort of traumatic incident involving separation from loved ones which caused great feelings of loneliness and despair when it occurred.

20.     You are naturally drawn to the metaphysical, new age or UFO communities (or at least have had an interest in what’s going on within this realm).

21.     You feel as if you are not from this planet and that you came here with a specific purpose for being here.

22.     Your tastes in food and music seem very different than your friends’ and don’t fit into any type of cultural norm or mainstream pattern.

23 .       You have always felt as though you’ve been through more tragedy than other people — but this suffering has actually helped shape your destiny and create a stronger sense of compassion for others who are suffering.

24 .       All of your relationships seem to be intensely passionate and spiritual (but can be tumultuous and unstable at times.

25 .     You have never felt comfortable in your own skin — when you take off your clothes, it feels as if they are not really your clothes or that they don’t fit right with other people’s clothing or that something about the clothing just doesn’t seem to feel like “you”.

26.     When you were a child, you seemed to know things much older souls would have known – such as what heaven looks like, who God is and what life on Earth is all about even though this knowledge was gained through brief glimpses of memories from previous lives mixed into conscious awareness.

27.     You’ve always been able to remember past lives and recall them while you are in the waking conscious state.

28.     You have always had a deep desire to feel truly loved, but at the same time can take it too far and become obsessive or codependent with whoever you are currently dating or married to – however, this person usually brings out the best qualities in you and allows you to see yourself from an outside perspective which lets you move forward with more wisdom as your bond becomes karmically connected.

29.       When you were younger, other people seemed unhealthily jealous of you (or perhaps even frightened by many aspects of who you really are) – didn’t make sense why they felt this way towards someone who was just being themselves.

30 .     You’ve felt as though God is watching over you at all times, protecting and guiding you on your journey.

31.     You have the ability to feel other people’s emotions as if they were your own — this has helped you to become an empath and a healer (Note: This is one reason why we go through so much spiritual warfare from negative beings who feed off of our energies).

32 .       The universe seems truly alive and magical – so different from how modern society portrays it in many ways.

(Note: The difference between what the majority thinks about the greater cosmos versus the reality of who/what we are isn’t always that different though – both groups are mostly correct in their conclusions, but certain details tend to be more fluid than what most individuals would consider possible).

33.     Spiritual guides and advanced beings have been appearing to you throughout your life (perhaps even in physical form) to help guide you on your path, whether it be through telepathy or actual contact (and this is one of the main reasons why most starseeds feel so strongly connected.

34 .       You’ve always felt as though a special spiritual mission was waiting for you — something that will allow you to make a significant contribution towards humankind’s evolution and further creation of our next cosmic stage in destiny.

35 .       When other people are hostile towards you or don’t understand what makes you tick, it can sometimes cause intense emotional pain that feels almost unendurable (but you know that these individuals act this way because they are feeling their own pain and fear, so when you encounter others who project the same type of negativity, let them pass through your heart as an observer with compassion for both themselves and those who perpetuate such acts towards you).

36 .  ¨ You feel more comfortable around animals than people — except for a few select souls.

37.     It seems like all of the most interesting characters in novels or movies have been based off of real-life starseeds – actors and actresses are just too boring to portray most starseed types accurately (Note: And this is why companies like Disney create films about beings that don’t have physical bodies… so we can relate to each other in some way).

38 .     You’ve noticed that you attract very specific types of people into your life — not always in a romantic sense, but they have something to teach you about who and what you truly are.

(Note: This is why we go through our “dark night of the soul” or hellish experiences when certain “negative beings” come in contact with starseeds… so we can learn how to be better at doing things for ourselves and to rely on our inner guidance more than trusting external sources that may seem trustworthy but unknowingly project their negative energies upon us).

39 .     You tend to feel like strangers know more about you than they should (especially if they try to talk to you about your real purpose).

40.     You have always had a sense of loneliness and it was difficult to make friends growing up, even when you tried your hardest.

41.       One or both of your parents are from another country (especially if they are not American).

42.     You don’t like listening to mainstream music because you feel as if there is something more important to listen to out there in the universe (oftentimes classical music can help us reconnect with our higher selves).

43.     You seem to live through extreme cycles – at times everything seems great and at other times things go very badly for no apparent reason.

44.       You’ve run into people before who said they were also “alien” but didn’t really understand what that meant to you.

45.     You are intuitive and can see through people or come to the right conclusions about their real intentions without having all of the information (this is one reason why it is important for us to be careful as starseeds not to trust everyone we meet, even if they seem nice).

46.     You’ve had experiences in your life where time felt suspended such as something happened and then you blinked and a few hours went by like it was nothing (Note: This type of experience can happen when we undergo activations such as kundalini etc.).

47.       You feel like there’s something really special about yourself but you just can’t quite put your finger on what it is.

48.     You’ve always felt as if you are very different from other people, that there’s something special about you but can’t quite figure out what it is (Note: The reality is that we all already have these abilities — the only difference between starseeds and regular people is that we just need to remember how to activate them).

49.       You don’t mind spending a lot of time alone because it gives you an opportunity to spend more time with your higher self and tune into your intuition.

50.       Most of the time when people speak they talk too fast for you to understand them (this isn’t actually related to telepathic communication but it can be fixed by learning how to activate our inner knowing within the heart center).

51.       You feel like you have a deeper connection with nature than other people (such as animals, forests or oceans).

52.     You feel very sensitive to energetic changes in the environment and notice more subtle differences in the atmosphere around you than other people – sometimes it even gives you goosebumps when something happens that feels important or significant is about to happen such as an out-of-body experience, clairvoyant vision etc.) – your inner knowing knows things before they happen but is only accessible when we learn how to access our intuition within the heart center).

53.     You’ve always had experiences where you were able to see things that were happening in another location or perceive what someone was thinking from a different location as if you were looking through their eyes.

54.     You’ve always felt as if you have had many lifetimes before, that somehow you knew what it is like to live on another planet far away and how to communicate with other beings with telepathy (even if we haven’t lived on another planet, often times starseeds remember past lives where they did).

55.     Your dreams are vivid and seem very real such that when you wake up it takes you a few minutes to remember that they were just dreams.

56.       You’ve always had experiences where you saw the future before it happened.

57.     You feel like there’s something important about your life mission – but can’t quite figure out what it is (Note: Sometimes starseeds don’t even realize they have a life mission until other people reveal things to them).

58.       As a child, in the past, you used to stare at the night sky for long periods of time and wonder what was up there (this isn’t related to remembering past lives on another planet but rather living consciously as if we are multidimensional beings already here on earth).

59.    You’ve always felt as if you’ve had a special connection to the stars and mystics who work with light energy, such as psychics, clairvoyants or people who do chakra healing.

60.       As a little child, you used to have imaginary friends – even still today it seems like there are beings around you that aren’t really physically present (Note: this is normal for starseeds because we live in multiple dimensions so of course have nonphysical friends).

61.     You’ve always felt deeply connected to God or spirit energy but just can’t quite figure out how to access it (this is because our true higher self is linked directly to the universal source).

62.       You’ve always been able to feel other people’s emotions as if they were your own.

63.     You feel like you’re from earth but don’t quite know how to explain why (note: this is because starseeds walk between worlds so we are both physical and nonphysical and our light energy is multidimensional).

64.       You’ve always been able to ‘read’ people – especially those around you who appear to be emotionally troubled or distant in a way that makes them seem somehow unconnected with the rest of the world.

How to Awaken your Starseed Gifts and Abilities

Explore your dreams and visions. The Starseed self will only emerge in the deepest layers of consciousness, so it can be a challenge to find that stillness.”

The key is a meditation on one’s essence as pure Being.

It may require some time with an experienced guide or shaman who knows how to walk seekers through it.

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Why Do I Need my Starseeds Gifts and Abilities?

Starseeds are a catalyst for social change. They embody the seed of future consciousness.

It is their job to drive humanity into new areas and explore possibilities that we cannot yet imagine with our limited view.

How Can I Bring More Starseed Energy From the Outside into my Life?

Surround yourself with people and what else you love.

Connect with these higher beings on the spiritual plane and in your dreams.

Join a community, church, or other groups that resonates with you. (Starseed communities)

How do I Find My Star Family?

The stars are always there for us.  But we can’t see them. We can find them by looking up at the sky and asking “Who am I?

To find your star family, ask yourself: Who makes me feel like I belong? What is my tribe? Where do I fit in this world?

What if someone doesn’t know what their purpose is or where they fit in?

The only true test of a Starseed finding is to be themselves.

We all have a purpose and place, it’s just about letting the universe know what we want. A Starseed is someone who feels alienated from their cultural heritage or doesn’t feel like they belong in this world.

If you’re spiritual but not religious then there are many religions for that! You can find what you’re looking for with Wiccan, Paganism, Buddhism, Christianity.

The best way to be a Starseed is by loving who we are and being our authentic selves. By accepting that we don’t know where the stars have come from or why they are here but recognizing their presence as an opportunity.

Starseeds that have been through difficult times are going to be the ones that contribute to what makes humans great.

We are all here for some reason, and even if we don’t know why, it doesn’t mean there isn’t a greater meaning behind things.

Starseed is someone who feels alienated from their cultural heritage or doesn’t feel like they belong in this world. It’s okay if you feel that way. You are not alone.

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Why People Become Starseeds?

Like stated before, a Starseed is someone who feels alienated from their cultural heritage or doesn’t feel like they belong in this world. It’s okay if you feel that way, you are not alone.

The best way to be a Starseed is by loving who we are and being our authentic selves. But why people become Starseeds is because they are our ancestors from other worlds or dimensions.

The Pros and Cons of Being a Starseed

If you are a Starseed, one of the best things about it is that we have a connection to higher beings and our souls are connected with other dimensions.

We also don’t need validation from others because when we find ourselves in this world for such an extended period of time, then what does it really matter?

The cons may be that you feel like you don’t belong in this world, which is why some people just shut down or try to fit into a society that isn’t theirs.

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Final Words on Starseeds

So, are you a Starseed? Honestly, it’s hard to say.

I’m not sure what the defining characteristic of one is other than that they feel like an outsider in this world, which frankly could describe any person who has ever walked into a room and felt isolated from everyone else.

Yet if you do identify as such then there may be some truth to it.

Are Starseeds important? Ultimately, it’s not about how we define ourselves and whether or not society approves of who we are but what makes us feel content with being the Starseed that we are.

If you identify yourself as a Starseed then you often feel like an outsider in this world – don’t fret about whether or not society approves of who you are.

It’s about how we make ourselves feel content in the role that is our own and what makes us happy with being a Starseed – so if you identify as such then let it be, be who you are, and don’t obsess over what others think of you. You are important the way you are!