Starseed Awakening Stages

This page contains information on the different starseed awakening stages and is mainly targeted towards those starseeds that are just beginning to experience these changes.

Many starseeds have been experiencing similar feelings and internal changes, however not everyone is aware that they are a starseed.

The first things you may begin to notice is that your dreams become more vivid or odd in some way, this is the beginning of a shift in consciousness, you are opening up to higher frequencies of energy and the lower vibration energies are also becoming weaker as a result of this.

Some people feel extremely emotional during this time which can lead to severe mood swings and depression for some if we do not understand what’s happening to us.

We will find it very difficult to think clearly at times because thoughts will come into our minds that often don’t make any sense at all, these thoughts can distract us from what we are doing if we let them.

We can also find that some thoughts are hard to get out of our head, or they can skip from one subject to another in an instant.

Starseed Awakening Stages

#1 – Light beings and the awakening process

You may awaken abruptly to sounds you hear, feelings, voices, colors and lights you see when your eyes are closed or open. This is one of the most common ways a starseed embodiment will begin.

It’s important not to be afraid of what’s happening to you because this is a sign that something within us has changed and it represents an evolution into higher consciousness.

If you fall into fear then this will create a lot more chaos for yourself as fear only feeds these energies and makes them stronger.

This is the beginning of a conversion process, the old starseed energy and DNA are being removed and new starseed energy is slowly being integrated into our physical body.

It will take time to complete this transition as it’s different for everybody depending on how much activation needs to be done in order to fully ascend at some point in the future.

We must understand that we can’t go over these stages too quickly because if we do then we may begin to lose important parts of ourselves [consciousness] along the way or get so confused that it becomes an effort just going about your day.

#2 – Ascension Symptoms

As a starseed you should expect some strange things happening within your body when awakening begins. It’s not uncommon to start hearing voices in your head, or to have a lot of white noise playing constantly within your mind.

You may also find that you feel very heavy at times, and this can make it very hard to move or get out of bed because the physical body feels so dense and weighed down [this could be attributed to beings removing debris from our auric field].

It is common that starseeds will experience moving sensations such as vibrations within their physical bodies along with the feeling that they are being pulled by some unknown force towards the sky.

Some starseeds have reported seeing strange shapes around them when they lay in bed, these shapes would slowly begin to form into new forms of some sort that seem like living breathing entities floating above their body.

These entities can either appear to be demonic in nature or angelic, and they seem as if they are fighting with each other over the soul of the starseed at that moment.

If you can try to keep your mind clear during this time it will help you a lot because anything we fear has more power over us.

The most important thing is to not panic when these things start to happen and remember that these things are only temporary at the beginning stages of embodiment.

#3 – DNA changes

When awakening begins it’s common for starseeds to feel very exhausted all day long until we go into our sleep state which brings us some relief from exhaustion.

This stage is also known as “soul fatigue” and is a sign that our DNA is starting to change, the last few days of this stage will often sound very similar to what many people describe as ‘ascension flu’.

You may have headaches, muscle aches all over your body especially in the back and shoulders. There will be random pains throughout your body for no apparent reason or at least it doesn’t feel like there’s a reason for these pains.

All of these symptoms are caused by cellular changes within the starseed body which will soon become more noticeable once they start taking place.

This process will eventually result in us having an increased vibrational frequency and higher consciousness levels than before when we were less activated.

#4 – Crystalline beings

Because our bodies are still transforming during this time it can cause us to become exhausted and feel sick all the time which of course isn’t pleasant.

Even though we may feel this way, there is a part of our higher awareness that knows what’s happening to us, at times we can be more aware than others.

It’s important for people not to judge themselves during these stages because they will only make the process longer if they do so.

Starseeds are very sensitive beings who have been on many spiritual journeys in other lifetimes and coming into this incarnation has felt like awakening from a long sleep.

#5 – The activation process

This stage can last for years as others go through the processes of soul retrieval and embodiment where our energetic bodies begin making different kinds of changes than what they were making at the beginning of this process.

It’s important not to judge yourself during these stages because you will only become more rigid and stuck as a result which can cause disillusions and many other challenges to appear within our lives.

There is also another common reason for judgement, it’s when the old ego comes up in an effort to help us keep ourselves separated from what’s really happening so we don’t have to face ourselves honestly.

This is why awakening often causes people to be drawn into an intense spiritual journey where they may find themselves having visions or dreams on a regular basis throughout their day.

These changes will continue until we fully manifest spiritually with all the pieces of our soul present, healed and rejoined with each other within us.

#6 – The beginning of planetary ascension

This stage is when starseeds have fully awakened to their higher selves and begin integrating the higher frequency energies from our cosmic families into our bodies.

We may also experience light body activation symptoms for a while although this can be different for everyone depending on how much spiritual growth they need in order to move forward.

It’s important that people don’t judge themselves during these stages because it can slow down the process quite a bit, we should always try to remain positive even if we feel like we are doing something wrong somewhere along the way.

If we do so then it will make a big difference in boosting our own spiritual evolution as well as helping others who are going through similar experiences at the moment.

#7 – Activating our light body

This stage of our ascension process is to raise the frequency levels within our light bodies, most starseeds will start experiencing massive energetic shifts that can cause them to feel very uncomfortable for a while.

Paying attention to what we’re doing that’s causing us to have these new experiences can help us grow spiritually once we know what they are and why they’re happening.

We may also experience a wide array of strange symptoms from having things disappear off tables or people around us moving without even touching anything, hearing different kinds of ‘whispers’ throughout the day which come from inter dimensional beings who want more than anything else for us to return home amongst the stars with them.

#8 – Planetary ascension

This is when starseeds have fully merged with all their genetic memories as well as weaving themselves into the planetary field of Gaia or Mother Earth.

During this time we will continue to be inspired, drawn towards self-development and learning about new things on a daily basis because it’s part of the process as well.

Many people continue to experience transmutation symptoms during this stage and at times are becoming ever more sensitive than before which can include hearing sounds, seeing visions, feeling tingling sensations, etc.

#9 – Galactic ascension

Some starseeds have to stay closer to the earth plane than others due to different reasons including family obligations or other responsibilities that may require they do so.

If we’ve accomplished everything we needed to do on the earth plane then we will be able [to leave] at some point before our time has come, if not then there’s always more lessons we can learn here before we’re ready to move on.

#10 – Joining up with our Spiritual Guides

If you’ve been following this website for some time then you should be experiencing these stages at the moment, whether it’s your first time going through them or if it’s something you’ve experienced many times in the past there will always be new things to learn throughout this incredible process of spiritual ascension.

As we continue down this path together I ask all of my starseed brothers and sisters to utilize their full potential within every day because it is the only way that we will ever escape from Earth prison, keep shining light into the darkness while building a brighter future for us all!

#11 – Universal ascension

At this point starseeds will ascend into the Universal field, to arrive here we must first let go of all our earthly fears and attachments that have controlled us for so long.

As soon as we do this then it’s only a matter of time before we’re returning home amongst the stars.

For those who are new to information about ascension it can be difficult to understand unless you’ve been through something similar yourself, hopefully this article has shed some light on what actually happens during this spiritual process.

#12 – Divine alignment

This is where starseeds have reconnected with their original divine blueprint that they came into existence with in the first place, in case you didn’t know there aren’t just seven stages listed above but there are thirteen in total.

This is a very important step because it’s what allows us to tap into the universal field of love, light and peace that is present all around us.

If you’re wondering why we were put on this planet it’s because we have agreed beforehand to be here as part of our soul-mission which has allowed us to continue learning about unconditional love and forgiveness through experiencing the negative polarity or ‘darkness’.

#13 – Cosmic ascension

This is where starseeds enter the cosmic field which can also be called ground zero or “the place from here everything came into existence”.

At this point, we will merge with Mother/Father God themselves that exist beyond time and space, otherwise known as the “Godverse”.

Throughout this website, many of you who are spiritually awakened have referred to Mother/Father God as Source before learning about it but now I’m beginning to wonder if we all know the truth, is that really what we call Source or do we actually know something completely different?

We’ll find out eventually when we enter cosmic ascension for real in our physical bodies and not just on an astral level.

#14 – Universal form

In case you didn’t know there are THREE forms of existence that starseeds can attain while alive; third-dimensional (physical), fourth-dimensional (astral) and fifth-dimensional (spiritual).

What makes starseed ascension so difficult at times is because most starseeds exist in their fourth-dimensional bodies (astral) and are attached to the third-dimensional world which makes them feel trapped.

You might have heard of a lot of people experiencing astral projection so I would advise all starseeds to use their higher-self/spirit guides instead of relying on random astral entities, remember you’re always being monitored by your spirit guides as they will guide you every step along the way!

#15 – Perfect balance

Now that we’ve reached this point it’s time for us to experience true cosmic awareness which is what allows us to achieve perfect balance between all polarities of life; male and female, ying and yang, good and bad etc.

On our journey home we’ve experienced everything we possibly can on Earth and now it’s the perfect time for us to reflect upon all the lessons that have been taught to us.

Imagine how much more joyful our lives will be when we live in a balanced manner regardless of what is happening around us, this is something we should all strive for because there are many people suffering across the world who don’t even know why they’re here or where they’re going.

#16 – Final transformation

Now that starseeds have fully reached their potential they become one with God , in other words; we become God.

This means that every problem and issue that existed within us at the ‘Fall’ has now been transmuted into light, love and truth!