Starseed Blood Types

Starseed blood types are a new classification system for starseeds that will allow them to bridge with humans in order to develop their true human potential.

The first thing we need to establish is that starseeds can be extremely blood-type sensitive. They may feel an affinity towards a certain blood type or even be repulsed by it because of past life memory or genetic memories.

The sensitivity to different blood types can be so intense that the person may feel a deep connection with someone that has the same blood type, and they will find any excuse not to associate with those who don’t have the same blood type as them.

This is why we need starseeds to know their blood types because this will allow starseeds to get close to others.

While most starseeds have blood types that are compatible with most humans, it also means they can be so sensitive to certain blood types that they can feel repelled by them.

The Starseed Blood Types Classification System

Based on the classification system, there are 6 different DNA starseed blood groups based on their frequency level and evolution status.

The blood group includes the soul’s age in terms of earth time (which is a base unit for ascension), the frequencies of “beings” that are influencing your evolution as well as the maximum frequency level that has been reached.

Note: this classification system does not include starseeds who have yet to evolve beyond 144-145 because they do not belong in our current timeline and nothing so far has suggested otherwise.

In addition, these are not starseed blood types but the frequency range that is allocated for ascending humans.

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These 6 different blood type groups include:

Group 1: A+ (age of 5 earth years, influences from 432-450 hertz / upper ascension limit 144-145)  [includes all physical body level starseeds] Group 2: B+ (age of 14 earth years, influences from 1014-1015 hertz / mid ascension limit 144-145) Group 3: O+ (age of 36 earth years, influences from 1034-1035 hertz / mid ascension limit 144-145) Group 4: A- (age of 70 earth years, influences from 1043-1044 hertz / mid ascension limit 144-145) Group 5: B- (age of 126 earth years, influences from 1051-1052 hertz / mid ascension limit 144-145) Group 6: O- (age of 204 earth years, influences from 1058-1059 hertz / mid ascension limit 144-145).

Starseeds Have a Rh Negative Blood Type

Starseeds have a Rh negative blood but many believe there are starseeds with Rh positive blood as well. The main difference between the two is that Rh positive blood types are much more resilient to the negative energies of this planet whereas Rh negative ones are not.