Mintaka Starseed: Traits and Characteristics

This article is about the Mintakan starseeds and their traits and characteristics. Some of us might be wondering what is a Mintaka starseed?

The mintaka starseed’s astrological sign is Pisces (astrology) and Aquarius (star system origin).

Mintaka starseeds have some of the most beautiful traits in regards to the way they are – kind-hearted, understanding, sensitive and if you are lucky enough to be close to one or even marry one, you will not regret it.  So what makes else mintakans so special?

What Makes Mintaka Starseeds Different from Other Starseeds?

Mintakans stand out because they have unique traits that normal starseeds don’t possess. Some of these traits include:

1. Ability to interpret dreams – Although dream interpretation is a skill commonly found in Eskimos, Mintakans are said to have over 150 years’ worth of experiences and knowledge regarding interpreting dreams.

Some people believe that high sensitivity makes it easier for them to pick up on what their subconscious mind wants them to know.

A common trait among mintaka starseeds is the ability to remember past lives.”

In my opinion, this trait (ability to remember past lives) might or might not be true depending from who you ask. Based on some forum discussions I’ve read about this topic, some people believe in it while others don’t.

2. Ability to see ghosts and communicate with them – If you are a mintakan or someone close to one (i.e your partner or best friend is one), you might be confused when they said that they’ve seen/talked to a ghost because you didn’t see anything!

This was what happened to me before I’ve found out that I am a Mintaka starseed myself.

The interesting thing is, some people claim that even though their friends/partners can help them find an object that they’ve lost on the floor (i.e. keys or handkerchief) but they themselves didn’t see anything… and it can happen more than once!

I’m not sure if this is a trait unique to only mintakan starseeds, but since I am in my early years as a starseed myself, I thought “why not” and ask around about this claim?

After asking some of my close friends whether they are also mintaka starseeds or just normal starseeds, they said yes they do have this ability too; which means that even non-mintaka starseeds can have experiences like these.

So what made me come up with conclusion that Mintaka stands out among the rest?

1. History and myths – I’ve read through many different websites that most of them are saying that they have lived in Egypt in their previous life. They have also said to be good with herbs; and some of them has been trained in herbal medicine, massage therapy or even alternative healing modalities.

It also has been claimed that Mintakans were considered valued members of society because they understood metaphysical energy.

This is possibly the main reason why ancient Egyptians (who were believed to be Mintakans) built pyramids and temples but only as a tool to communicate with their own higher spiritual beings.

2. Personal experience – I have personally met 2 mintaka starseeds in my entire life, and both of them had already told me that they can see ghosts.

One of them also said that some members of her family can too. I guess the key here is your ability to open up yourself more; if you are willing to do so, you would eventually start noticing things around you that others don’t notice.

Mintaka Starseed Mission

1. Higher spiritual purpose – These starseeds have a mission to help humanity move forward towards the next level of consciousness. They can sense the subtle energies that are around them at any given moment and are able to read between the lines in order to understand it better.

Mintaka starseed gift/talent – clairsentience (the ability to pick up on others’ feelings and emotions without needing physical contact)

Possible traits from their soul group: being an empath, aura reader, shamanic healer, medium for spirit communication and inter-dimensional travel facilitator

2. Ability to connect with ancestors – Mintakans tend to be spiritually connected not only with their ancestors but also other star viewers or light beings who want to help them in their mission.

This connection is most often experienced when you feel dizzy or you experience a sudden burst of energy, and it can cause extreme headaches if not used properly.

3. Ability to communicate with animals – I have yet to personally know this trait from a mintaka starseed friend, but there are some people who claim that they can talk to animals through telepathy (for example, dogs). Some others also claimed that they can heal the sick ones by transferring healing energies directly to the affected parts of the animal’s body by simply laying their hands on it!

4. Ability to astral travel – Mintakans are known for their ability to go into the middle realm; in other words they have been able to step out of their body and exist in the universe at the same time.

This can occur spontaneously or through conscious effort, but it is not easy as people assume because one needs to learn how to achieve this state of mind first before attempting it again later on.

5. Ability to dream at night – It seems like Mintakans are able to enjoy their nights more than other starseeds (at least that what I’ve heard from several friends). They said they don’t usually have nightmares or lucid dreams; instead they normally wake up with “happy” dreams!

6. Life challenge – The main challenge which most mintaka starseeds experience is due to their ability to sense other people’s energies, especially if you are around people who have negative energy towards you.

Mintaka starseed gift/talent – telepathy (the ability to read minds, send and receive thoughts).

Possible traits from their soul group: unseen spiritual healers, medium for astral travel facilitator, animal communicator

7. Work in a similar manner with pendulums – Mintaka starseeds are able to communicate with spirits through the use of a pendulum or dowsing rods.

The problem is that if they don’t know how to interpret the signals coming from these tools then the information received will be random at best and inaccurate at worst. However, once they learn how to decipher what these tools are saying then everything would work out just fine!

8. Send and receive healing energies – Mintaka starseeds can share their energy with others to help them heal from illness, emotional or physical pain.

The only thing is that they have to work on their personal healing first before doing so in order for the healing exchange to be successful.

This is because they need higher frequencies of subtle energies in order to send out positive spiritual energies (which are white lights) into the universe. Black Lights (low frequencies/vibrations) are a no-no!

9. Ability to recall past lives easily – You may feel overwhelmed whenever you try remembering your past life, but some people claim that it’s easy for them to remember theirs even when there’s no evidence of it! I guess this comes from the fact that they are able to remember their soul’s history and past life experiences better than other starseeds.

10. Ability to see deceased relatives – My friend, who is a mintaka starseed, said she cries whenever she sees her departed grandmother in her dreams because of how beautiful and peaceful her face looks!

It’s not only my friend who claims that seeing deceased relatives in dreams is easier for them; others also have similar experiences like these too.

I guess it’s another trait that comes from being able to connect with the universe more easily than other starseeds do.

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Mintaka Starseed Origin

– Mintaka is the sixth brightest star in the sky and located at Orion’s right foot. It has six stars that form an asterism known as the Trapezium, which is also part of the Orion Nebula.

From what I’ve read online, it seems that some people who have mintaka starseed are directly from this constellation while others claim to be descendants of brilliant human civilizations on ancient planets within the Orion system. Some kind of a galactic mishmash if you ask me!

Connecting with this star is a good idea since it’s located near the other Orion stars such as Betelgeuse (Orion’s shoulder), Bellatrix (Orion’s left shoulder) and Saiph that form Orion’s sword.

The name Mintaka came from an Arabic word which means belt or waist, referring to its position at Orion’s right foot.

As stated earlier, mintakans are healers; they can read minds and communicate with spirits but they can also be empaths that have the power to give out positive energies towards others. This of course has to be balanced by them first before they become powerful, otherwise, these powers might turn into something negative instead. As natural psychics, they also have the ability to see spirits and people’s auras more clearly.

Mintaka Starseed Traits

1.         – Psychic ability, Past life recall, Multidimensional awareness

2.         – intuitive sensation of energies, heightened sense of hearing; they may be sensitive to sounds such as high pitched noises or even music

3.         – open-mindedness and free-spirited nature helps develop their psychic abilities as they can easily make contact with other entities in the universe, but if they keep themselves closed-off from these things then it could lead to mental illness due to negative energy build-up inside them!

4.         – psychic dreamer; dreams are viewed as a pathway to the soul’s inner self; it allows one to overcome their fears or get answers about the past, present and future

5.         – empathic individuals who have the ability to sense others’ feelings better than most! They also tend to be sensitive in general so…

6.         – they are prone to feeling anxious or depressed, especially when they aren’t able to help someone else with their problems because they are usually around them all the time and hence feel like going berserk at times! This is why these people need more personal space than you can give them because otherwise, things will turn out badly for everyone involved!

7.         – creative and artistic souls, they have a passion for anything that involves writing or composing music;

8.         – healers; heal through vibrations and frequencies; the healing can be applied to both living things as well as inanimate objects

9.          – Ability to remember past lives easily – You may feel overwhelmed whenever you try remembering your past life, but some people claim that it’s easy for them to remember theirs even when there’s no evidence of it! I guess this comes from the fact that they are able to remember their soul’s history and past life experiences better than other starseeds.

Also,  It is believed by many psychics (including me too!) that mintaka starseeds tend to be aloof and often isolated themselves from others, probably because they prefer to be alone most of the time. This could also cause them to feel like they’re living in a shell or bubble; sometimes they think that no one understands what’s going on inside their heads!

My friend who is a mintaka starseed told me that she cries whenever she sees her departed grandmother in her dreams but it’s not just limited to seeing deceased relatives either, some people claim that when they see an act of cruelty or violence happening in a dream, it feels so real…even worse than what you’d watch on TV because you can actually feel your soul and heart being hurt too!

I guess this is yet another trait mintaka starseeds have; I mean yes we’ve all had dreams where we witness such things and felt bad about it (in fact most of us become scared after having them!), but what if you not only remember these kinds of dreams every time but also feel the same pain from within while awake?? This could be a possibility for mintaka starseeds.

Now that I think about it, this could explain why some people have the ability to see recurring dreams; in these types of dreams you can see vivid images over and over again and may even be able to feel something from them too! And it’s not just limited to bad or negative images either…they often show happy memories too such as weddings, births, graduations and etc.

Mintaka Appearance

1.         – hazel or green color eyes;

2.         – have various colored hair that includes brown, blonde, light brown and red (orange);

3.         – tall body structure with thin arms and legs

4.         – pale skin -wiki says “medium-pale white”; their complexion is often described as being like a vampire’s

5.         – oval faces and gentle features; they appear to be younger than they actually are; some may possess the traits of a child which include: innocence, naivety and etc! This can be both good and bad depending on your point of view/relationship with them lol -I feel as if this trait is being associated with ‘the child’ card from the tarot deck.

6.         – cool yet warm air surrounding them; emits feelings of security and trust in others; they appear to be more genuine than other starseeds do; can sometimes come off as more mature or serious than what their age says they supposed to be.

7.         – most tend to wear sweaters and jumpers rather than flaunting body; they don’t like to wear revealing clothing, especially in public.

8.         – can be soft-spoken and gentle but also nervous at times (I guess this comes from having low self-esteem or being shy); they may have social anxiety

9.         – sensitive towards the feelings of others, which causes them to cry often for no apparent reason

10.         – naturally attracted and drawn to flowers; love animals and nature -they’re usually more likely interested in becoming a veterinarian than other starseeds are!

11.         – need reassurance sometimes when it comes to making decisions that bring out their childlike traits.

Mintaka Starseed Energy

Mintaka starseed energy has become a highly sought-after source of spiritual and healing energy in recent years.

Originating from the Mintaka star that is part of the Orion constellation, this energetic force is said to bring those who work with it clarity, peace of mind, heightened intuition, and bridging connections to other worlds.

Mintaka starseed energy’s resonance with many galactic civilizations has made it a leading lightworker tool among practitioners today.

It is believed to attune its user’s thoughts & emotions allowing them greater access to divine wisdom as well as realignment with their higher self.

Those familiar with its power praise it for its expansive ability to provide tangible results when working towards spiritual growth and emotional healing.

What Makes Mintaka Starseed Soul Unique

Mintaka Starseed Souls possess an unmistakeable energy that sets them apart from the rest. They are highly sensitive and deeply intuitive beings with a clear vision of the bigger picture and profound insights into interconnectedness.

They have a way of looking at things from a different, more enlightened perspective and often find solutions to problems most would give up on.

Mintaka Starseed Souls has access to deep spiritual knowledge, which they integrate within their personality to make exceptional decisions in their lives.

Their wisdom is always based on love and it allows them to be inspiring role-models who touch people’s hearts.

Mintaka Starseed Symbol

Mintaka, one of the three stars that make up Orion’s Belt, is an ancient symbol of starseed wisdom that has been around for centuries. It is believed the symbol is a mermaid or a dolphin.

It stands for strength and courage in light of difficulties or challenges, and is often associated with healing and spiritual growth.

In some cultures, it is seen as a gateway between worlds – a bridge between the physical realm and higher realms of consciousness.

Mintaka encourages us to tap into our inner power, access greater levels of awareness, explore the universe, and live more authentically. This starseed symbol offers hope and insight to anyone who seeks it.


Mintaka starseed is a unique group of individuals who feel like they have a connection to another world. These starseeds may have memories or feeling that are outside of this current reality.

They often feel a greater mission to share spiritual knowledge and experiences with the world, in order to bring about peace, love, and harmony.

This mission is deeply rooted within them and they strongly believe that the universe contains within it a special energy which can help humanity grow.

They strive to uncover this energy and use it in positive ways for the betterment of the planet and its people.

Mintaka starseeds come from many backgrounds and experiences – but they all feel an undeniable connection between themselves, their mission, and the stars.