How to Find Your Starseed Markings on the Body

Since there are no two starseeds alike, you can experiment with different ways of figuring out where your markings are. There are couple of methods you can find your marks.

How to Find Your Starseed Markings

The first method how you can find your starseed markings is the method involving looking into a mirror and seeing what happens when you focus on parts of your body for an extended period of time.

Generally, this will bring about either a tingling sensation or warmth if you’re very sensitive. If not, it’ll just be like normal. If that doesn’t work for you then try the following steps:

Try to imagine a circle around the outside of your body and notice where it would touch down on your physical form.

Once again focus on these spots intently until you get a tingling sensation or warming feeling. This may take a lot of trial and error, but the more you try it the better you will get at doing it.

Other tips: if all else fails, you can always draw an outline of yourself on a piece of paper until you figure out where your markings are.

This works for two reasons; one because it does involve drawing something which puts your mind in a creative mindset, which is conducive to sensing energetic things easier, and secondly because once again you’re focusing intently on yourself.

This usually only works if you have fairly unusual markings though or none at all. If you don’t however then there’s no reason to worry as there’s another method that should work with just about anyone!

The second way: If neither of those methods work for you, then I’m afraid you’re out of luck and it’s time to ask an elder or someone who is able to read your markings so that they can help you.

If this happens however, don’t worry; there are ways of figuring out where your markings are without them being visible by most people!

The first way (which again isn’t always successful) requires that you find a starseed and have him/her teach you how to read energy signatures.

Once again the hand method seems to work best although it won’t be very specific since most people’s hands if they leave their hands on a surface long enough will soak up some of the vibrations in the room including any existing energy signatures on said surfaces.

If done correctly, you should be able to feel where your markings are on other people’s hands.

Another method would be to go into nature and sit for a while. Nature is full of energy signatures, you just need to learn how to tune into them and then you’ll be able to ‘see’ them with your mind’s eye.

You can either do this as an object (like sitting under a tree or standing in the middle of a forest) or as a person (going for a walk outside).

The latter method seems easier at first but it takes much longer due to the sheer amount of signatures out there; unless you’re really good at tuning into even the faintest traces of energy, then you might have better luck with something inanimate like plants or trees.

Lastly, you could even try meditating and tuning into your third eye chakra to see whether or not it can sense your energy signatures that way (this works best with people who already have markings on their physical body as well.)

If none of those methods work then I’m afraid there are no other ways for you to figure out where your markings are hidden without having someone else read them for you!

The last thing you’ll want to do after locating your markings, is to go over them in detail so that you know exactly what each one means; this will help when trying to find twin flames since knowing the combination of markings they bear will make finding them much easier!

However, if all else fails and your markings just aren’t showing up, don’t despair! You can always ask your star family or an elder to help you out so that they can explain what each of your markings mean just in case some are more obvious than others.

How Can You Tell If You Are a Starseed

If you can’t find your markings, then it’s time to take a long look at yourself and see if there’s anything that stands out. Here are just a few telltale signs of being a starseed…

*You feel empty or defective in some way; as if something is missing inside of you. You’re also haunted by the feeling that there has to be more to life than this, even if you don’t know what it is!

This could mean one of two things: you’re either lacking energy signatures (due to being unable to locate them), or else you have so many energetic attachments already that they overpower your sense of self-identity and leave little room for anything else…

*You wonder why people around you act the way that they do and why they are so different from you. You also find yourself relating to fictional characters in books and movies a lot more than your peers; this can feel awkward as you don’t quite fit into the norm.

This could mean one of two things: either you have weak energy signatures but strong energetic attachments, or else it means that there’s something ‘off’ about your own energy signature (which is how most starseeds generally end up feeling to begin with.)

Either way, this is usually only experienced as a mild feeling and isn’t always easy to notice compared to other symptoms.

*You feel like you just don’t fit into society very well; people around you seem strange and distant (even if you are close to them) and you feel like you’re on the outskirts of everything.

You have a nagging feeling that something is just not right, but you can’t quite put your finger on what it is… which only makes this problem worse!

This could mean one of three things: either there’s an energetic attachment blocking you from interacting with others normally; or else something about your identity has been suppressed due to lack of energy signatures; or else (the most likely option) it means that there’s simply too much activity in your field for anyone to get through and bond with you properly. The best way to deal with this is by meditating more.

*You just can’t find a ‘normal’ job that you like doing; it feels pointless to work at something you hate and it seems impossible for you to break into your dream career.

This feeling is especially strong if you’ve tried several different careers already without success.

Most likely this means either there’s an energetic attachment blocking you from getting the job or else that there’s just too much activity in your field (due to not having many energy signatures.)

The best way to deal with this is by meditating more, as well as using crystals to help calm your field and keep it clear of excess attachments.

*You are very good at helping others, but have trouble staying positive around them for some reason; they drain all of your energy. You do much better around animals, nature and other ‘quiet’ things that don’t have as much energetic activity.

This means there is an attachment of some kind to this person or thing, which may be coming from you (if it’s a person) or else it could be something that they’re doing and sending out towards you without realizing it.

The best way to deal with this dilemma is by meditating more until the connection gets weaker.

*You get overwhelmed when there are too many people talking at once around you; especially if they’re having heated arguments with each other.

If your family behaves in ways that make no sense to you, then… well, the truth might just be that it doesn’t make sense because there’s too much activity in your field due to not having many energy signatures.

Either that or there’s a personality attachment (also known as an ‘energy parasite’) around them which is affecting you adversely.

The best way to deal with this dilemma is by meditating more until you can start interacting normally again.

*You just don’t feel like yourself anymore; it feels more like something (or someone) else has moved into your body and cloned you.

That ‘someone’ might be another one of your personalities, or else it could be an energetic attachment that got attached while they were near you.

These things are sometimes difficult to pinpoint because they have no physical form – but the truth will always reveal itself if you pay attention enough!

The best way to deal with this is by meditating more until you reconnect emotionally with your true self.

*You can’t stop thinking about someone even though they treat you badly, or else every time they leave you it feels like a part of your soul has been ripped away.

It feels like there’s an attachment pulling you towards them and making it impossible for you to move on from the past.

This means either that they’re sending out negative energy that is affecting your field (and vice versa) OR else there’s a personality attachment around them which makes them seem irresistible.

The best way to deal with this dilemma is by meditating more until the connection gets weaker.

*Everything in life seems too hard- including getting through each day and getting enough sleep– and you literally can’t cope anymore even though there’s nothing wrong going on around you.

This could also be known as ‘burnout’ and it is caused by energy attachments that are draining your core essence.

The best way to deal with this dilemma is by meditating more until the connections get weaker, then surrounding yourself in nature to help re-charge yourself.

*You’re always seeing orbs of light and spirits around you; sometimes they appear humanoid-like but other times they look like big balls of light or else different colors (or rainbow colored flames) shooting towards you from the sky/ground.

There are many reasons why this may be happening (which I’ll go into detail about later) – but most likely it means that either these spirits are actually around you or else your ‘starseed markings’ are trying to show themselves.

The best way to deal with this dilemma is by meditating more until the energies get less dense (and/or surround yourself in nature) and then ground before sleep time.

*You’re constantly feeling like you’ve got a buzzing energy underneath your skin, but often times it gets so intense that it feels like there’s a magnet inside of you that’s pulling on everything around you- including other people.

This means that either there’s an energetic imprint from another being somewhere nearby OR else your ‘starseed markings’ are showing up because they’re trying to connect with other starseeds who are in close proximity to them.

The best way to deal with this dilemma is by meditating more until the energies get less dense (and/or surround yourself in nature) and then ground before sleep time.

*You feel like you’re being pulled somewhere– either towards an object or a specific location- but there’s no logical explanation as to why.

Sometimes people will say that they have ‘a gut feeling’ about something, or sometimes they might just know for certain that it’s going to happen even though there are no signs pointing in that direction.

This means that either your intuition (which is connected with your soul) has made itself heard OR else you have a ‘spirit guide’ who likes to play tricks on you and show themselves whenever they can!

The best way to deal with this dilemma is by meditating more until the energies get less dense (and/or surround yourself in nature) and then ground before sleep time.

*You have recurring dreams about someone who has passed away, or about places that you’ve never visited before but have heard of from others- which sends you into an emotional frenzy if they’re negative OR else a state of bliss if they’re positive.

This happens because either an entity is trying to reach out to you through your subconscious OR else there’s some leftover energy around them which has imprinted itself on your energy field.

The best way to deal with this dilemma is by meditating more until the connections get weaker, then surrounding yourself in nature to help re-charge yourself.

*Every time you about to go to sleep, someone or something seems to be calling out your name; sometimes it feels friendly and sometimes it feels hateful.

This is happening because either a spirit wants you to know that they’re around you OR else there’s an imprinted energy nearby which has connected with yours to try and drag you into the astral realm unwillingly.

The best way to deal with this dilemma is by meditating more until the energies get less dense (and/or surround yourself in nature) and then ground before sleep time.

*You feel like you have many entities attached to your energy field, that are either draining off of your life force OR trying to connect with other starseeds around them- depending on the situation.

*You feel the need to explore your spirituality more but also find yourself constantly struggling with doubt, fear or uncertainty whenever you try to do something like this; meditation often leads to these feelings which is why it can be so difficult for starseeds (especially ones with weak markings.)

However, if you’re serious about making some progress then just keep going! Nothing will help you strengthen your energy signature better than creating a regular spiritual practice that involves meditation and repeating affirmations such as ‘I love myself’.

What Type of Starseed Markings Are There

There are many different types of markings and it’s one of those things that is completely unique to your personal starseed because the creators made each individual one slightly different just like fingerprints or snowflakes.

Each marking has a meaning attached to it however that can change depending on how they combine.

Most people only have one type of marking, but I know someone who had two separate ones which meant she was more than likely a special soul indeed; most people don’t even know what happens when you’re born with two sets of markings so I’m not surprised that she never got any answers from anybody.

The Starseed Markings are also known as star freckles, birthmarks or Hindu marks and they are considered to be a particular kind of “spiritual brand” that is chosen at conception for each embryo.

The destiny of a starseed (star child) is two fold: the first part relates to their mission in this lifetime , while the other part relates to how they will fit into God ‘s plan for ascension .

The ones who do not complete their missions during this lifetime may have another chance in future incarnations.

Hindus consider these markings as sacred because it symbolizes a direct connection between the soul and its spiritual journey.

These markings are associated with one’s karma, purpose and divine fate.

They tend to be located anywhere on the body including back, chest, neck, shoulder and face.

The first appearance of these markings usually happens at birth or shortly after but they can appear later in life for people that are not spiritually aware.

What is the Meaning of Different Starseed Markings

The meaning of the Starseed Markings varies depending on their location. In general, this kind of marking has two main meanings:

Who you were in your past life

1. If you have a starseed marking somewhere on your CHEST then it is likely to represent who you were during a past life. It is said that every time we incarnate into physical plane as human beings our soul splits in many different fragments.

Each one of those fragments becomes an individual soul and takes possession of its own body known as an avatar or vessel body.

This means that whenever you incarnate onto Earth, your soul splits in many different fragments.

It is essential to remember that this process happens with every incarnation on the physical plane of existence so that we can experience many things in order to learn and grow personally.

If the Avatar body was already lived by someone else (which is entirely possible) then it is most likely that you will find a starseed marking there as a reminder of that life.

Karma in present life

2. Any new starseed markings found anywhere else on the body signifies to the individual concerned that they are now currently living an old past-life karma or lesson from one’s distant past.

This means what ever happened previously during a certain lifetime has repeated itself again but only now it is happening again in this current lifetime. It is known as “karma”.

How to Know if a Starseed Marking was Intended for You

How do you know if a starseed marking was intended for you? There are two ways of telling:

You Have them on Your Body

1. They can be found anywhere on the body just like the other common marks but these ones appear only at birth or suddenly when one becomes aware of their spiritual self.

These markings are usually said to be painful in appearance and colouration and they can sometimes appear with different textures too; such as thin lines, thick lines, ripples or waves that look like wavy grains of sand.

The lucky ones have those smooth-looking energy signatures while others might not always discover theirs until later in life so they may come across something very different instead!

Find Out if You Have Aura Spots

2. The second way would be by visiting a specialised healer who can easily observe these energies for you by using a special device called the Aura Camera, which captures images of the aura and starseed markings ( more on this below ).

The Aura is said to be our very own energy field that surrounds each human body and it corresponds with our emotions and physical health.

This means that even if you don’t have any markings anywhere on your body then still your aura may look like an array of colours, shapes and symbols; some people have them while others are completely void of them.

The most common places for starseed markings are either on the chest or shoulder blades but they can also appear somewhere else such as back, face or neck . However, they all have a different meaning for each person.

Here is an illustration of what the Aura looks like:

When someone has starseed markings they appear as small marks or glyphs in our aura that are very difficult to see by just looking at yourself directly in front of a mirror.

This is because these types of markings resonate on a much higher level and are not necessarily visible to the naked eye.

It’s also possible that you may not be able to recognize it immediately but when you meditate or become still inside then you will be able to sense their presence all around you.

Even though there are many people who do have one (or more) starseed marking(s) that doesn’t mean everyone else will too!

It depends entirely on your unique soul blueprint which is a result of your current (and previous) lifetimes and experiences here on Earth.

What do Starseed Markings Look Like on the Body?

There are many different types of starseed markings but the most common ones would be described as either “glyphs” or “theta shapes”.

Here are some examples of those:

Example 1 : this type has one or more glyphs that resembles an alien alphabet such as Hebrew, Sanskrit, Latin etc.

This means it doesn’t resemble anything from our earth languages.

Example 2 : these ones usually consists of two triangles with sharp points in between them. They also may appear as a rectangle shape too!

Without any knowledge about their meanings they can appear very simple and basic but when discovered then it can literally bring a whole new meaning and understanding to your life .

Example 3 : this is the most common type which usually consists of one or more “theta symbols”.

This symbol is said to be used by all extraterrestrial races in our galaxy as a way of communicating with each other. It looks like an underlined letter “C” shape or just simply looking like an arrow.