What Starseed Am I?

“What starseed am I” is a question that human beings have been asking since the beginning of time. It is a very important question that will shape your life forever, and if you answer it incorrectly, it can cause endless suffering to yourself and anyone who has to deal with you as well.

It can also help change many lives for the better so being able to answer this simple yet complicated question correctly is essential in achieving happiness in life which all human beings strive for.

Some people just think they are normal human beings who live on planet earth. The truth is that some people were sent here from another planet or galaxy called a star system.

Recent discoveries suggest that over 70% of the people living on Earth today are starseeds.

This fact is so profound that if you are a starseed, it will make the world realize we have no enemies in the universe and teach us to work together instead of destroying each other.

How to Know You’re One of the Starseeds

There are many different types of starseeds and you can figure out what kind you are by determining your soul DNA.

If you are a starseed then you will have special qualities that other people don’t have. For example, if you always feel like an outsider and different from others your whole life, you are probably not originally from Earth.

If you’ve had paranormal experiences such as seeing UFOs, ghosts or any other unexplained phenomena, then you are likely a starseeded person.

Many of these souls come to Earth at the age of 35 for spiritual purposes because it is believed that this is when we’re spiritually ready to learn how to use our powers for good.

Seeded Souls Have Healing Powers

Starseeds also have healing capabilities and can do things like heal animals and people with their hands without the need for medicines.

Another thing that starseeds are good at is predicting the future using their intuition. This is because they have a connection to their soul, the Goddess energy, or God.

If you have some of these qualities, it doesn’t mean you’re definitely not from Earth but if you don’t feel like it’s true, then keep reading to find out how you can determine what type of seed you are.

Every person who’s ever lived on Earth has been seeded by an advanced extraterrestrial civilization.

There are over 1 billion human beings living on one planet and only about 3 million people know that we’ve been seeded by aliens from other planets so this information could be considered secret knowledge.

To understand why this is because science has been kept secret from the public for thousands of years. The reason why people are starseeds is because in the ancient past there was a war that almost destroyed all life in the universe.

The star system that the baby comes from determines which type of person they will be. If you were seeded by a warrior race, then you might have aggressive tendencies like when we used to wage war on each other with clubs and spears.

On the other hand, if your DNA came from a peaceful civilization, you are probably more easygoing like in our society today.

Starseeds also don’t remember what happened to their original family because it is kept secret from them until they figure it out for themselves as an adult but this information can usually only be accessed during 7th- 12th grade.

Common Traits of Starseeds

A lot of starseeds are spiritual because they grow up in monasteries and temples where they study things that most people don’t know.

For example, if you can speak to spirits or see them, then you might be one of these souls.

If your mission here on Earth is related to world peace then this makes sense too because the Goddess energy ( which represents everything good ) has been trying to maintain harmony for thousands of years.

If you feel like you’re following the path that was laid out for you by a group such as an ancient civilization or secret society, then this also fits what I’ve just said.

I’m not saying that everyone who feels like their lives were planned out by others is a starseed, but it’s worth considering.

As a starseed your purpose is to travel through time and space to help people learn about themselves and the universe so if you have this feeling then it means that you’re ready for this type of work.

Starseeds are also very spiritual because their souls are always seeking the truth which is why many of them get into alternative lifestyles such as vegetarianism or veganism.

Sometimes these people try to connect with nature because they need something in order to ground themselves in reality depending on what kind of extraterrestrial civilization they were born from.

This could be one of the reasons why there seem to be more vegetarians nowadays.

The reason I’m telling you all of this is because when we’re living on Earth, we forget that we’re spiritual beings born out of love so the most important thing is to be ourselves regardless of where our DNA came from.

Some people think they were automatically reincarnated on Earth for the same reason because they are just spirits who walk around like robots.

I’m not saying that reincarnation isn’t possible but it’s really hard to tell if it’s true without knowing exactly what happened in your past lives which is why there’s no point in worrying about it.

It’s better to enjoy life and accomplish everything you can now than to worry about something that might not even be real.

Our ancestors used to have more advanced technology than us and we’ve probably lost a lot of our original knowledge because of something that happened in the last war.

Although some people think that reincarnation is real, I can’t say for sure if it’s true or not but I do know that all beings have a purpose here on Earth and as long as you are living life to the fullest, it doesn’t matter what your past lives were like. You deserve to be happy regardless of where you came from!

Starseed Traits:

1) Can traverse “solid” matter and travel through walls.

2) Can communicate telepathically.

3) Can see auras, and can see other beings in the spirit dimension.

4) Has psychic abilities such as; Telepathy, Clairaudience, Clairsentience, and Remote viewing.

6) Displays non-humanoid characteristics, such as; having cat eyes (slit pupils), weird shaped pupils, or has 3 colored iris’

7) Sees the world no longer as a place of death, but more so sees it like a game or visual representation. They see themselves and others as spiritual beings that are connected to everything in the universe, as seen through their eyes.

8) Do not have a desire to reproduce, but more so have a feeling of “save the Earth”, as if they are the last hope of humans on Earth.

9) Can live without eating food or drinking water and can survive in environments that would kill other humans. (i.e.: high altitude, extreme temperatures, etc.)

10) Are able to shift their consciousness and move through time and into other realities.

11) Is able to connect and communicate with “Star people” as exhibited by asking them

12) Can also see the future through dreams. This trait is not very common, but some Starseeds are known for this ability.

13) Gives an immediate feeling of peace, love, and tranquility to those around them.

14) Extremely sensitive to chemicals and radiation.

15) Can see hidden messages within music, movies, books, symbols, etc.

16) Able to pick up on the presence of other Starseeds and alien beings just through intuition or feeling their energy signature.

17) Able to understand themselves and others on a deeper level. They see human behavior as it is (i.e.: selfishness, neediness, etc.), rather than how they want the world to be.

18) Have had many dreams, visions or out-of-body experiences pertaining to their true origins and journey.

19) Extremely sensitive and empathic towards others; they can easily feel and pick up on other people’s emotions.

20) Has felt a strong connection to animals, trees, mother earth or other things of nature since childhood.

21) Is always searching for answers in the stars at night or looking towards the sky with wonder as to where we really come from.

22) Highly intelligent, but more so seen as gifted and/or intuitive.

23) Has a strong desire to help others in need and seems to be drawn towards this type of work as their mission in life.

24) Is very likely to have a history of depression or other mental issues such as ADD, OCD, Bipolar disorder, and etc.

25) Has psychic abilities.

26) Is highly creative and talented in their chosen field; they seem to be drawn towards some form of artistic expressions such as writing, singing, acting or dancing.

27) Is more likely to have had a near-death experience (NDE) or “vision quest”.

28) Can sense and see spiritual beings around them on a regular basis such as Angels, Ascended masters, Aliens/Star People, and shadow people.

29) Is able to see the world and everything in it, such as: human beings, animals, plants, etc., as spiritual beings themselves rather than just “things”.

30) Has a strong sense of intuition or knowing certain things without having any proof or evidence to show for it (i.e.: knowing someone is lying to them, etc.)

31) Can see the hidden codes behind certain things. This can range from numerical frequencies in music or math problems (i.e.: Fibonacci sequence, Pi, etc.), words with hidden meanings (i.e.: Gematria), symbols within mass media (i.e.: corporate logos), etc.

32) Is often in the state of “awe” when looking at nature, such as the ocean or the night sky.

33) Often described by others as being very “intuitive”.

34) Has been interested in spirituality from a young age, most likely coming from family members practicing some sort of religion or belief system.

35) Has a deep feeling of spiritual needing to help others, especially those who are less fortunate.

Starseeds and their Characteristics

The star seeded children that come from other worlds are always trying to find peace with everyone on Earth no matter what happens so they’re basically the peacemakers of our world.

They have a lot of strange dreams about wanting to fly through space because one of their goals is to try and connect with our universe in an attempt to bring light into this reality which is why these people often become musicians, artists or dancers.

If they follow the path that was laid out for them by others such as by studying astronomy and learning about different planets, you might be dealing with a starseed too but I’m not saying that everyone who likes science fiction movies like Star Wars for example is necessarily one of us either!

It’s really hard for anyone who was born on Earth to know for sure because these people have so much knowledge that’s hidden deep inside their subconscious mind.

You can tell if you’re a starseed because your soul is connected to the entire universe in some way and it always has been.

Some of these people might also be born into royal families as I was but they usually don’t know about this until they discover who they really are and if you meet more than one person who claims to be from another world, it could mean that even though they weren’t related before, one person was the reason why the other person came to Earth which is actually quite common.

You’d be surprised at how many people claim to have come here for love!

Once again, I’m not saying that everyone who likes intellectual subjects is definitely one of them either because there are plenty of Earthborn humans who like that kind of thing too but they usually don’t have the same gifts as the others unless they were born with even more advanced technology than us.

With all this being said, it’s not easy for starseeds to develop their abilities and it takes a lot of patience but when they do learn how to do things, they’ll be able to survive in this reality much easier. Just remember that you’re never alone!

So What Starseed Am I?

Here are different starseeds and their traits and mission. Click on each starseed if you want to read more in-depth article on it.

1) Orion starseeds:

Also known as the golden starseeds, they are born with all of these traits: they’re extremely intelligent and will be able to read, write and speak many different languages in no time at all.

They are the most athletic out of everyone because exercise is their favorite way to spend free time! They love listening to music for inspiration but can also be very shy so they’re usually introverts.

These people have extremely advanced technology so if they ever build anything, it will never break down or need servicing. They’ll know how to keep it running forever!

2) Sirian starseeds:

Also known as the Light Workers or Cosmic Healers, they are born with these traits: They can usually remember their past lives while they were on other planets so they’re usually the ones who are able to see and hear things that others can’t.

They look a little bit older than everyone else because they probably came to Earth for a specific reason. They’re also usually very sensitive and can see emotions in the air around them but at the same time, they’re also really brave! They like helping other people.

3) Acturian starseeds:

Also known as the Intergalactic Warriors, these people come from a planet that is full of lava and volcanos which is why they were born with these traits:

They’re very athletic so if you want to get their attention, always try to bet them at something! Also because they came from a place where everything was on fire all the time, they always have things to say about how much they hate violence in general.

They might be a bit too sensitive at times but that’s because they care so deeply about everyone else.

4) Indigo, Crystal, and Rainbow starseeds:

Also known as the Crystal children, they are born with these traits: They are usually always happy and can help others when they’re angry.

They’re usually very sensitive just like Sirians and can feel other people’s pain in their own body which is why they’re usually not good at sports or even doing chores because it gives them a headache.

5) Lightworker starseeds:

Also known as the Lightworkers, these people are usually born with these traits: They’re kind and caring because they want to help other people in any way that they can.

They love learning new things but might have a hard time focusing their attention. Their favorite color is white and they always wear it because it’s so appealing to them!

6) Lyran starseeds:

These people are usually born with these traits: They love to have a lot of money! They love living the high life! Might be materialistic because they were born in royalty.

7 ) Reptilian starseeds:

Also known as the Reptilians, they are born with these traits: They love technology and always have to be doing something even if it’s not an activity they enjoy.

They’re usually very loyal to their friends and family. They might take sports very seriously because they like winning,but most of the time they don’t want to play with anyone else because they don’t trust most people easily.

8) Nordic starseeds:

Also known as the Nordic, they are born with these traits: They usually have blonde hair and blue eyes but almost everyone thinks they’re just beautiful no matter what color their hair or eyes are because they know how to carry themselves.

They’re usually very smart and find out about things by themselves. They also love being the leaders so they’ll be at the head of every activity.

They have many different interests that they like to do which are all connected together somehow.

9) Maldek starseeds:

Also known as the Warriors, they are born with these traits: They can be very aggressive and will do anything to win.

Some of them have been through a lot and sometimes they won’t even share it with anyone else because they don’t want the people around them to worry too much. They plan out every single detail before doing something, and if they can’t, they usually get angry.

10) Draco starseeds:

Also known as the Controllers, these people are usually born with these traits: They can be so controlling that it drives everyone else crazy, and you’ll know what’s going on in their minds at all times.

They like to have everything go according to plan and if anything changes they get very upset. They usually don’t want family or friends to share their secrets with anyone else because they believe it’s a very personal thing.

11) Procyon starseeds:

Also known as the Healers, they’re usually born with these traits: They love helping people so much that they’ll go to extreme measures to do it.

They can also be very stubborn and don’t like change, because being able to plan everything out is how they keep control of their lives.

12) Alpha Centauri starseed:

Also known as the Ambassadors, they are born with these traits: They usually don’t like to be in the spotlight because they care so much about everyone around them.

They always have something planned out in their minds and if it doesn’t go according to what they had planned, they’ll feel very lost.

13) Epsilon starseeds:

Also known as the Builders, they are born with these traits: They usually can’t control their anger because they’re so passionate about everything.

They’re usually very good at art, guess you could say it’s a way for them to express themselves. They also don’t like people who don’t keep things private.

12) Zeta Reticuli starseeds:

Also known as the Travelers and the Walk-ins, they’re usually born with these traits: They might have a hard time inviting people into their lives because they were born with a big secret.

They take risks even if it puts them in danger. They also love taking road trips to find out what’s over other horizons!

13) Ursa Major and Ursa Minor starseeds:

Also known as the Protectors, they’re usually born with these traits: They like to be in charge of everything and will do anything to defend what they believe is right.

They can sometimes get into fights easily because they’re very protective of themselves and other people. They also always want to be doing something, and if they can’t, they might get very bored.

14) Vega starseeds:

Also known as the Balancers, these people are usually born with these traits: They’re usually very good at balancing their lives.

They love helping other people and might even give more than they get in return. They don’t like to be alone, and when they do, they might try to find out what’s missing from their life.

15) Blue Ray starseeds:

Also known as the Sages, they’re usually born with these traits: They love to learn about things and try to do their best at everything they do.

They can be very secretive because they believe that certain things are meant for them only. They also like to write books or take pictures, but not always in order to show everyone else.

16) Mintaka starseeds:

Also known as the Avatars, they’re usually born with these traits: They like to be in control of everything, but they’re willing to let other people help them gain that control.

They hate being lied to and will do anything to figure out why someone is lying to them.If there’s something that needs to be done, they’ll do it no matter what it takes them.

17) Feline starseeds:

Also known as the Warriors, they’re usually born with these traits: These people are usually very sensitive and emotional. They can get very stressed out if they don’t have enough time to relax.

They also like to find a way to help out other people too, and their feline nature is expressed through the way they run.

18) Hadarian starseeds:

Also known as the Healers, they’re usually born with these traits: They have a strong spirit and can sometimes see things that other people can’t.

They like to be around family or friends but might even go on a spiritual journey at some point in life. They also love being able to help other people out because it makes them feel good.

19) Avian starseeds:

Also known as the Angels, they’re usually born with these traits: They can be very emotional and sometimes forget to eat enough food.

They can feel misunderstood at times but will always try to help other people if they think it’s the right thing to do. They love being able to have a bird’s eye view of things around them.

20) Apollonian starseeds:

Also known as the Builders, they’re usually born with these traits: They love being able to create things and their own sense of style.

They can be a bit bossy at times but also have a lot of energy! The only thing that might drive them crazy is when they try to accomplish too much in not enough time.

21) Cygnus starseeds:

Also known as the Teachers, they’re usually born with these traits: They like to help other people out and will always be there for them if they need a friend.

They might get stressed out at times but it doesn’t last long because they’re very forgiving. They will do almost anything in order to see a brighter future ahead.

22) Venusian starseeds:

Also known as the Artists, they’re usually born with these traits: They can feel misunderstood but will always tell you that they are very happy.

They like to create beautiful things and might even want to express themselves through music. If someone is giving them a hard time, their best advice would be telling them not to take it so seriously.

23) Blue Avian starseeds:

Also known as the Angels, they’re usually born with these traits: They like being able to help others out and believe that people should be treated equally.

They can sometimes feel like they don’t fit in at times but will always try to help others instead of worrying about themselves. If you get a chance to meet one, they will tell you that they are very sensitive and gentle.

24) Draconian starseeds:

Also known as the Warriors, they’re usually born with these traits: These people like to help other people and will defend them no matter what.

They can sometimes feel misunderstood but they always bring out the best in other people.They have a lot of energy because they are always doing something that can keep their mind away from negative thoughts.

25) Pleiadian starseeds:

Also known as the Galactic Travelers, these people are born with these traits: They are very intelligent and will know more about history than anyone else because they are basically the historians of our universe.

They have a very strong memory and can absorb information like a sponge. They usually love traveling although they would prefer to do this on spaceships rather than airplanes! They’re also always looking for truth in all things.

26) Lemurian and Atlantean starseeds:

These people are usually born with these traits: They always have a quiet and calm demeanor but on the inside, they really like to follow rules.

They’re very logical so they’re usually not good at focusing their emotions when they feel too much of one thing because then it makes them feel sick.

27) Andromedan starseeds:

Andromedans are very loving and caring. They are intelligent and beautiful starseeds. Andromedans energy frequency is very high.

This is the reason, there aren’t many on the planet Earth compared to other starseeds.