Pleiadian Starseed: Traits and Characteristics

Pleiadian starseed is a term used in new age spiritual communities to refer to people with alleged extraterrestrial past lives and/or genetic markers from several sources, including Ancient Native American bloodlines.

The concept was first introduced by Barbara Marciniak, channel for the Pleiadians , an alien race who claim that they originated from the Pleiades star cluster.

Marciniak states that many of us on Earth today are actually pleiadian starseeds , with alien souls who have taken on human form so to experience our current physical reality. This began in Atlantis, Marciniak claims, and is happening again with many of us today .

According to Marciniak, pleiadian starseeds are those who have come to Earth from other planets in solar systems, such as the Pleiades or Sirius , to assist us during this time of great change.

Many pleiadian starseed people report having had abduction experiences with the aliens; many also claim they can telepathically communicate with extraterrestrial beings.

What is a Pleiadian Starseed’s Path and Mission?

Pleiadian starseeds have a mission in this lifetime, and it is to heal the mother. The earth’s female energy has been compromised and contaminated by the patriarchal systems of power (i.e., religions, politics, global financial structures etc.), and have incarnated here to clear the earth of these energies.

The pleiadian starseed mission in this lifetime is therefore to heal the mother, and to show us a new way of living that is not rooted in control, domination or destruction but rather cooperation, peace and love . Their mission is also to spread healing on the planet through the expansion of love and light.

The pleiadian starseed mission is to extend unconditional love to all of humanity, even those who hurt us and have inflicted pain upon us; we are here to forgive not only the earth mother but also ourselves for our mistakes on this planet.

It is the pleiadian starseeds’ job to heal the mother and to teach all humans how to heal; we are here on this planet to bring peace, love and understanding .

Their mission is also about raising the frequency of our bodies, minds and spirits. We are here to raise the levels of consciousness in society through raising our own consciousness.

Pleiadian starseeds are here to bring new ideas and innovations, and fresh perspectives on life .

They are those who feel like something or someone is “missing” from their lives. These individuals are often restless, sensitive and empathic; pleiadian starseeds seek deeper meaning through life.

Individuals who feel drawn towards spirituality, alternative healing, the Earth and nature are pleiadian starseed people.

The pleiadian starseed mission is to remember who we really are – which is often a painful process – and to experience life through a more energetic lens; pleiadian starseeds see things differently than the average human.

Individuals with pleiadian starseed energy in them often have a difficult time adjusting to the way of life and energies on Earth, so they may live very isolated lives.

Their mission is also to build community with other pleiadian starseeds.

Most pleiadian starseeds experience isolation and loneliness because their friends and family do not understand who they are and why they feel so different, so pleiadian starseed people usually go through life feeling misunderstood .

They have a difficult time in this world because they carry many burdens that the average person does not.

Pleiadian starseeds tend to be empathic, psychic and sensitive, which is often a difficult combination in a world that is trying to protect the pleiadian starseed people from their own powers.

They are often ostracized by society because they feel so much more than others, and carry this hurt with them for most of their lives.

Pleiadian starseeds do not like to be alone and they feel lost without understanding, so often wander from relationship to relationship looking for deeper connection .

Pleiadians are here on this planet to heal and love; they do not hate their families and friends who have harmed them because they know that they themselves have likely done similar things in other lifetimes.

Pleiadians experience isolation and loneliness, but are also those who give so much to the world; they people are some of the most loving, altruistic and spiritually strong people on this planet.

Individuals with pleiadian starseed energy in them often feel like they are fighting a losing battle with themselves and the world.

Pleiadian starseeds are often met with a great deal of skepticism by those in the new age community when they share their stories.

However, they continue to maintain that they are who they say they are.

If this sounds like you and pleiadian starseed people resonate with your personality traits, then pleiadian starseeds suggests you look inward and ask your higher consciousness to reveal the truth for you.

Here you can learn more about different starseeds.

Signs You Are a Pleiadian Starseed

– Paranormal; having paranormal experiences, such as past life recall, out of body experiences, travel outside the body & astral projection, telepathic communication with extraterrestrial beings.

– Extra sensitive & more emotionally responsive; pleiadian starseed people often have a difficult time separating fact from fiction because they have developed such fine senses.

– More intuitive; pleiadian starseed people are often sensitive to changes in mood, attitude and atmosphere.

– Empathic; pleiadian starseed people experience emotions, such as joy and pain, from other people and animals.

– Psychic; pleiadian starseed people see visions in their dreams, have psychic experiences during the day & experience déjà vu.

Members of the pleiadian starseed family often visualize their goals before they achieve them so that things happen more quickly (karma).

– See Spirits; pleiadian starseed people have the ability to see spirits and/or deceased loved ones.

– Medium & channel; pleiadian starseed people may feel that they are regularly in touch with another dimension, including extraterrestrial beings . Pleiadian starseeds enjoy communicating with others through email, instant messaging and the telephone.

Pleiadian starseeds may have out-of-body experiences while they are speaking with others on the phone; pleiadian starseed people often find themselves doing automatic writing or drawing during phone conversations, especially if the other person brings up a subject that they feel strongly about.

Pleiadian starseed people often feel that they are in touch with a higher realm.

They may experience channeling and will receive information from extraterrestrial beings and then repeat the information later in life without consciously remembering who told them what or when.

Pleiadian starseeds also tend to be in the presence of extraterrestrial beings often and feel that the beings watch over them.

Pleiadian starseeds experience deja vu and know when their extraterrestrial friends are around because they have feelings of comfort, security and/or excitement.

Pleiadian starseeds often receive clear messages during meditation and/or prayer.

Pleiadian starseed people will experience a miracle, such as winning the lottery or finding their car keys in the freezer when they are desperate for money or help.

Pleiadian Starseed Traits

They are Intuitive

Very often pleiadian starseed people are aware of what is happening around them without knowing how they know.

Their senses are always on high alert, even when their conscious mind isn’t paying attention to the world around them . They may not know why, but pleiadian starseed people just “know” that something is going to happen . Their intuition may be related to their psychic abilities.

They are Strongly Empathetic

Pleiadian starseed people often feel other’s emotions as their own . They are so sensitive to others that pleiadian starseeds know if someone is jealous, (even if don’t know the person well).

They can also sense when someone is in distress before they have any idea what the person is upset about.

They often catch feelings from others or take on others’ emotions. Pleiadian starseeds are reactive, especially to negative emotions.

Pleiadian starseed people may suffer from mood swings, changeable attitudes and/or irritability when surrounded by many negative people.

Drawn to Healing Arts

Pleiadian starseed people have a strong spiritual side. They often become natural healers; pleiadian starseeds sometimes work best through the energy that they put off.

They May have Past Life Memories

Pleiadian starseed people see and remember images from past lives. They are also more imaginative than most people . Pleiadian starseeds often play make-believe when they were young, or still do as adults.

They Are Emotionally Sensitive

Pleiadian starseed people are sensitive to the emotions of others. They are also emotionally sensitive.

They pay attention to their own and other people’s feelings, especially when they have had a profound emotional impact on pleiadians.

They don’t like to be argued with, pleiadian starseed people may go speechless when in an emotionally charged situation.

They don’t like being told what to do and prefer to choose their own course of action and they become more stubborn than usual.

Strong Aversions to Harm and Violence

Pleiadian starseed people don’t like to see violence on the TV or hear about cruelty towards others. They will have strong opinions and/or emotions when they hear about something that is wrong and they may feel that they need to right a wrong in their own way.

Pleiadians  usually feel guilty when they can’t help someone. Pleiadian starseeds want to be helpful and/or fixing things for others; they will go out of their way to do so .

They Are Spiritual

Pleiadian starseed people have a feeling of oneness with everyone and everything . They feel the need to put things in order, they may collect items that they think are beautiful : whether it is art objects or rocks. They enjoy time spent in nature.

They are dreamers are often drawn to the arts, including music and dance. They are imaginative and creative.

They have a strong spiritual side and they like spirituality in their life or even if pleiadian starseed people don’t practice any particular religion they have strong, lifelong passions and work well with groups.

They are concerned with the health and often talk about spiritual matters and pleiadian starseeds are often interested in world religions. They see beauty in everything.

They are Good with Children and Animals

They are nurturing and they make great parents . Pleiadian starseeds have a deep connection to children and can see the child’s true self more readily than most adults.

They don’t like it when kids or animals are mistreated so they will often try to right or fix such situations.

They are Often People-Pleasers

Pleiadian starseed people like to please others. They may be uncomfortable with being assertive and aren’t likely to make decisions that they consider important .

They are usually hard on themselves and don’t like making mistakes in front of others. Pleiadian starseeds believe they can do better.

Pleiadian starseeds are easily scapegoats and will go to great lengths not to be the focus of attention for mistakes . If they know they have done something wrong they will go out of the way to fix the situation.

They Tend to be Perfectionists

Pleiadian starseeds strive for perfection in all that they do . They like to analyze situations and see the logical side.

Pleiadian starseeds are analytical and prefer a routine.

They Like Water and/or Fire

Pleiadian starseed people feel most comfortable in the water or around fires. They are drawn to swimming and often will spend hours at a time swimming pool .

They may collect items related to water, such as seashells or art with water themes.

Pleiadian starseeds may are often fascinated by fire and may be drawn to photography.

Being Late

Pleiadian starseeds are sometimes late for appointments because they become so wrapped up in a project. They will put everything else aside and believe something has to be done.

They get a feeling that drives them towards their goal . Pleiadian starseeds are likely to be late for school or work if they are working on a project and feel the project is more important.

They Love Nature

Pleiadian starseed people may feel uncomfortable in large spaces or indoors for long periods of time. They enjoy being outside in nature and they like to be where they can feel the elements around them.

They Want Balance

Pleiadian starseeds are often peaceful and will make efforts to resolve conflict peacefully. They want everything in balance, including their emotions.

Pleiadian starseeds realize that everything is connected and they may try to live near the water as part of a balanced environment.

They love sunsets and sunrises and try to live where they can experience them. They want balance in relationships and work well with others.

Often Have Poor Vision

They may have cloudy or foggy vision. Pleiadian starseeds who don’t wear glasses, or contact lenses may have temporary blurry vision when looking at distant objects.

They must go back to the doctor for a checkup for a prescription. Pleiadian starseed people are likely to have poor depth perception.

They Tend to Be Sensitive

Pleiadian starseeds are so sensitive that they may feel emotions of others as if the feelings were their own . They want peace and tranquility in their lives so they tend to not like confrontations.

They are True Humanitarians

Pleiadian starseed people are ready to help others in need. They want a safe place for children and love animals. Pleiadian starseeds like to talk and listen to everything around them.

They have sensitive hearing and they tend to learn best by listening or reading, rather than watching videos or television .

They Have a Strong Sense of Purpose

Pleiadian starseed people have a sense of purpose in what they do. They need to know why they do something and how it impacts others .

They want to understand any situation so they may make suggestions to fix an issue or problem. They will often seek out mentors for guidance.

They are Extremely Sensitive to Noise

Pleiadian starseed people are extremely sensitive to noise. They may have heightened senses of smell and touch . They are sensitive to fluorescent and LED lights or the flicker of other types of lights.

This is a pleiadian starseed trait that can cause health problems over time if they are exposed to the lights over and over.

It can lead to migraines, tiredness, or vision problems . Pleiadian starseeds may have super sensitivity to sound that others are not aware of.

They may want earplugs when they go out so they can avoid loud noises but enjoy music played at a moderate volume .

What do Pleiadian Starseeds Look Like

Pleiadian starseeds have strong facial features. They may be blond, brunette or red heads and are often tall and/or long-legged and they may be considered model material because of their looks .

They have a softness to their face, they are often thin and have a certain fragility .

Pleiadian starseeds look to the future and are well-tuned in with their emotions. They are more likely to cry at movies.

They are Sensitive to Alcohol and Drugs

Pleiadian starseed people may have strong reactions to alcohol or drugs; they will either become extremely animated while using these substances, or feel very lethargic .

May Suffer with Depression and Anxiety

Pleiadian starseed people have strong passions and their depression or anxiety may be so strong. They can’t even function sometimes as being unable to leave bed.

They may be too depressed to make a cup of coffee and they will not want or need to talk about it.

Pleiadian Starseed Interests and Hobbies

Pleiadian starseed interests and hobbies often include things like learning about energy healing and spiritual development, tuning into nature and being out in the wild, connecting with other starseeds and expanding their knowledge base, doing research related to spirituality and extraterrestrial exploration.

Also, they love expressing themselves through art or writing as a form of self-expression, studying ancient cultures and civilizations, having conversations about cosmic consciousness and related topics, gathering in sacred spaces to practice meditation or yoga, networking with like-minded people online or in person at events to share ideas – the list goes on.

Many Pleiadian starseeds tap into an inner creative force that they use to explore these interests while staying connected to their roots and the vibrations of their home planet.

Pleiadian Starseeds in Relationships

Pleiadian starseeds tend to possess a unique understanding of love, believing that the purpose of relationships is to teach, nurture, and guide each other with unconditional love.

The Pleiadian’s philosophy on relationships involves truthful communication, deep connection and mutual respect.

Pleiadian starseeds commit themselves to their partners with complete trust, surrendering to all that may arise in their journey together.

This type of loving connection often results in long-term commitments as starseeds are focused on developing a sincere bond between them.

Both individuals in the relationship will grow from their experiences as they learn patience and acceptance from each other.

Meeting a fellow starseed can be an experience unlike any other – two kindred souls sharing compassion and helping each other reach their fullest potentials.

Pleiadian Starseeds Work and Career

Pleiadian starseeds have a unique outlook when it comes to work and career. They often thrive in things that involve creativity, collaboration, and compassion due to their strong intuitive nature.

Working with others or independently, Pleiadian starseeds focus on helping or making a difference in the world.

It is almost like being an ambassador for humanity – for many Pleiadian starseeds, that is just as important as earning money from a job.

They have a knack for quickly reading people and staying organized which helps them excel in any role they take on.

Although these traits come naturally to them, sometimes Pleiadian starseeds find themselves frustrated because they are so passionate about the cause they are working towards.

Nevertheless, the strong connection they make between passion and purpose yields an incredibly rewarding career journey.

Pleiadian Starseed Energy

Pleiadian starseed energy is a powerful spiritual force that connects us with the stars, allowing us to access knowledge that lies beyond our limited view of the universe.

It comes through in many forms such as intuition, creativity, healing and psychic abilities. Through embracing this energy we develop more empathy and become more aware of our connection to nature and all living things.

We become better communicators and gain insight into areas previously unknown, enabling us to create larger changes in the world around us.

This energy is life-giving and transformative, encouraging us to be bold in exploring the uncharted corners of the universe both inside and out.

How Pleiadian Starseeds Differ from Other Starseeds

Pleiadian starseeds are a unique type of starseed with distinct characteristics. Unlike other starseeds who come from different planets or galaxies, Pleiadian starseeds have their spiritual origins in the Pleiades Star Cluster.

This collection of stars lies in the constellation of Taurus and is approximately 440 light-years away from Earth.

These spiritual energies that Pleaidian starseeds embody often results in individuals feeling drawn to areas with educational or healing focuses, leading them to pursue paths that require critical thinking and help others become educated or enlightened.

Furthermore, their connection to this unique source can make them more aware of their spiritual path which is higher and deeper than most people’s understanding.

Lastly, due to this distinct lineage, Pleaidian starseeds are said to possess some extra-sensory abilities that set them apart from other starseeds.

Pleiadian Starseed Appearance

Pleiadian starseeds have a unique physical appearance that can help identify them from other humans. They often have light eyes such as blue, green or even violet.

While Pleiadian starseeds are highly attuned and keep fit, they tend to be taller, with slender builds and fine facial features.

Hair colors may range, but often include blondes and shades of reds or browns. Pleiadians on earth represent a diverse group of individuals, each carrying their own distinguished style and flair relative to the group as a whole.

It is not uncommon for these wise beings to exude an energy that invites others to ask ‘what’s different about you?’

What Makes Pleiadians Soul so Unique

Pleiadian starseed soul is a phenomenon like no other. While the origin of all souls is considered divine, Pleiadians have a special connection to the stars and the Universe.

Many believe they travel from one spirituality to another, and therefore possess an ability to communicate with higher power.

Furthermore they are said to be highly intuitive and reach profound inner knowing which can bring higher levels of consciousness into living reality.

This makes them possess a rare gift – access to spiritual and emotional realms whose meaning goes beyond our three-dimensional understanding of life. Such attributes give Pleiadian starseed souls an unmatchable uniqueness.

Pleiadian Starseed Symbol

The Pleiadian starseed symbol is a powerful marker of spiritual growth and connection. For centuries, this symbol has been used to forge an imaginary link between one’s current life and the origin of their soul in the Pleiades star cluster.

Upon closer inspection, we can see that it contains a number of different meanings as well.

The eight points represent the eight stars in the celestial cluster, while the lines between them denote energy pathways and life experiences that define us over time.

Furthermore, research suggests that the hexagons at each point represent unity among diverse individuals, signifying cosmic union with our fellow human beings no matter where they may originate from.

Final Words

Pleiadian starseeds are believed by many to be souls from the Pleiades star cluster who have incarnated onto Earth at this particular time in history with a specific purpose.

Studies suggest their mission is to assist humanity in our spiritual evolution, opening us up to deeper understandings of our world and our place in it.

Through their meditative abilities, some say that Pleiadian starseeds can expose the collective unconsciousness to vibrational frequencies meant to reconnect us with the divine energy field.

They operate as agents of positive change, bringing light and love into the darkness while inspiring courage and action among those they encounter.

In essence, their purpose is to remind us all of our sacred existence, encouraging harmony and unity during times of great unrest.