Different Starseed Races

This article will show you the different races of starseed people, and how they look like. The starseeds are those connected to the light forces of the universe. So it would be a good idea for you to read this if you want to know more about that special race from other dimensions which is … Read more

How Starseed Eyes Look Like

Depending on the starseed’s consciousness frequency and level of awareness , usually it will reflect the color of their original star system. However, if a human being reincarnates into a new star system, then his/her eyes may not necessarily show that same color.  It can be brown or dark blue but most likely will be … Read more

Starseed Origins

Starseeds are a group of people from various planets and galaxies who have come to Earth on a journey of enlightenment. They came here because their home planet had become un-inhabitable or they were required to leave for other reasons. These starseeds carry the ‘light code’ which will help activate all those who choose to … Read more

What Starseed Am I?

“What starseed am I” is a question that human beings have been asking since the beginning of time. It is a very important question that will shape your life forever, and if you answer it incorrectly, it can cause endless suffering to yourself and anyone who has to deal with you as well. It can … Read more

Starseed Abilities

Part of the problem is that if a person is not born with some type of psychic ability, then they will most likely believe they can never develop any. The fact remains true that it takes time and practice to develop one’s own intuitive abilities. However, the starseed has an advantage over other people because … Read more

Starseed Awakening Stages

This page contains information on the different starseed awakening stages and is mainly targeted towards those starseeds that are just beginning to experience these changes. Many starseeds have been experiencing similar feelings and internal changes, however not everyone is aware that they are a starseed. The first things you may begin to notice is that … Read more

How to Find Your Starseed Markings on the Body

Since there are no two starseeds alike, you can experiment with different ways of figuring out where your markings are. There are couple of methods you can find your marks. How to Find Your Starseed Markings The first method how you can find your starseed markings is the method involving looking into a mirror and … Read more

Starseed Blood Types

Starseed blood types are a new classification system for starseeds that will allow them to bridge with humans in order to develop their true human potential. The first thing we need to establish is that starseeds can be extremely blood-type sensitive. They may feel an affinity towards a certain blood type or even be repulsed … Read more

Pleiadian Starseed: Traits and Characteristics

Pleiadian starseed is a term used in new age spiritual communities to refer to people with alleged extraterrestrial past lives and/or genetic markers from several sources, including Ancient Native American bloodlines. The concept was first introduced by Barbara Marciniak, channel for the Pleiadians , an alien race who claim that they originated from the Pleiades … Read more